How To Purchase Domain For Almost $2 (Rs.99 INR) From GoDaddy and Bigrock

techblotHey, guys, I’m back again with my new tutorial explaining how to buy domains at lowest price. Ever imagined to buy a domain? This is very useful for you if are still using the blogspot blogger domain. Most of people don’t opt for purchasing our buying domains [specially newbies] thinking that domain purchasing will require credit card etc, and it will cost a lot. I would like to clear that purchasing domain is risk-free and very low of cost. You just need to choose a proper domain and the payment method! and that’s it – the domain is yours! Continue reading the complete guide to gain information about the domain and how to buy domain for lowest prices.

What Is a Domain?

A lot of people asks me a simple question “What is domain,” the simple and best answer is ‘a domain is a web address to your website,’ a domain could contain hyphens, numbers, character and of specific length. Let us consider “,” which is also a domain, whereas “” is also a domain. The difference between both is “” is a blogger hosted domain and “” is a custom domain.

What is the Need of Domain?

You might probably thinking “why do I need a custom domain when I can use free blogspot or WordPress domain”, so read out the benefits of having your own custom purchased domain.

  • Custom domain won’t have blogspot or WordPress added, it is a neat and clean domain with your the name you have chosen.
  • Google usually prefers TLD’s [Top Level Domains] in the search rankings [as per my experience], and usually TLD’s are .com, .net and .org. So better ranking for custom domains.
  • You could build your brand name with your custom domain.
  • A lot of sponsors and directory websites neglects non-custom domains.
  • With custom domain, you can create multiple email addresses and subdomains. Example you can contact me through my custom email address: admin@techblot(dot)com

How To Purchase Domain For Less Than $2 (Rs.99 INR) From GoDaddy and Bigrock?

Yeah! what you read is correct, now domains are available for the cheapest prices, you can purchase a domain for less than $2 which is almost Rs.99 INR. Here we are sharing the process how to purchase the domain name from GoDaddy for just Rs.99 or $2. Follow step by step procedure or guide to purchase domain, that too for the lowest price.

How To Purchase Domain From GoDaddy:

1. Visit GoDaddy’s Website & Choose Domain Name:

Go to your browser and type [for Indian costumers], for people other than India can enter and enter your desired domain name. Note: you can purchase .COM domain for worth Rs.99/- or less than $2.

2. Check Availability and Confirm the Domain Name

After entering you domain name press Enter Key and confirm your domain name. If the domain if available GoDaddy will show you a congratulation or greeting type message. Confirm the domain name by clicking ‘Select’ option. You can also buy other same type of domains with different extensions like .NET, .ORG, .IN with the discount provided by GoDaddy.

3. Add To Cart and Apply Promo Code:

Here comes the most important step, now you need to proceed to cart after selecting the domain [remove all other items from the cart except domain before you apply the coupon code], select the term of the domain as ‘1 year’ [later you can renew it], Go to page bottom or on the right side to apply the promo code, enter the promo code! The promo code we applied is ‘CJC99R’. After the successful application of promo code the price will be reduced to 99 + taxes = Rs.111/- almost. Promo code varies from country to country, other country users may google their promo codes. Finally click on ‘Proceed To Check Out’ option.

4. Sign Up Or Login and Proceed:

Yes, it’s time to check out and make the payment. After clicking on ‘Proceed To Check Out’, if you are a new customer you need to signup else you can log in with the existing amount. Signup with all your details and a valid e-mail address.

and also enter the verification code in the bottom of the page and accept their terms and conditions before purchasing the domain name from the Godaddy.

5. Proceed To Check Out:

After filling all the details [also enter a 4 digit pin which is used for verification purpose and keep that pin safe with you], now it’s time to make the payment, choose your payment gateway – Debit card, credit card, net banking, or any payment method. Don’t worry you can also use PayTM wallet or other wallets like Mobikwik to make the payment on Godaddy. Here we have selected the Debit card payment and entered all the details and proceeded.

6. Relax! You are Done!

After using the payment methods and doing the payment, you are done purchasing the domain! A “thank you” message will be displayed to you by Godaddy. Was it easy? Yeah! It was so easy

All your account information including your pin, address and customer number will be displayed to you and for further use you can also take a print out of the receipt of your order.

7. Verify Your Email ID:

You must verify your email ID in order to continue using your domain, there will be specific period provided by the GoDaddy to verify your email ID and if fail to verify you may not use their services. I suggest you to verify after the purchase of domain only. Afte the verification, you are done!

How To Purchase Domain From BigRock:

1. Visit BigRock’s Website & Choose Domain Name:

Simply go to purchase domain from Bigrock for Rs.99/- and enter your domain name. You might be in confusion to choose bigrock or Godaddy, read ‘Final words and Conclusion’ in the bottom of article to know this answer.

2. Check Availability and Confirm the Domain Name

After entering you domain name press Enter Key and confirm your domain name. If the domain if available Bigrock will show you a congratulation or greeting type message. Confirm the domain name by clicking ‘Select’ option. After selection of domain name ‘Continue To Cart’ to apply the Promo Code. In our case the promo code was already applied hence there is price deduction already from 639 to 99 Rupees.

3. Apply the Promo Code:

Note that you must be the first time or new customer of Bigrock to purchase the domain for 99 rupees, if you are a new customer then you can enter this promo code BRGCOM9916J12 and proceed to pay the amount.

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The promo code will be applied only after SignUp. Choose any payment method (as explained above in GoDaddy’s method of paying system) and complete your purchase. If you are feeling any kind of difficulty to purchase, don’t hesitate to comment here or contact me.

Final Words and Conclusion:

Let me conclude by answering this questions “Which one to choose – GoDaddy or Bigrock?“, it’s a simple answer, if you a newbie or first time purchasing domain I will recommend you to choose Bigrock because Bigrock will also provide you free custom email address which will enhance your business in a better way where in GoDaddy you need to purchase it separately. For others Godaddy is also a better domain registrar. The good thing about GoDaddy is their support service.

Any how it depends on you to choose which service provider, any share this article if you liked it with your friends and family on social media. If you have any doubts do ask in comments. Do visit again for latest guides.

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