How To Write A Good Quality Article For Blogs

Well, article writing may be a passion for some one and some one may write the articles just to earn, for a blogger to be the best blogger or a good quality article write needs to follow certain guidelines to make the article quality rich. Article writing in a sense means how much you can impress the audience with your writing skills, if I would have given you this topic than how will you represent this topic to others in the form of writing. Usually, a professional blogger has enough knowledge for the quality of the good article but a newbie should-should learn how to write a good and quality article.

Follow these guidelines to write a quality rich article.

Write in a Unique way:

Everybody has their different type of writing skills, don’t try to copy the other’s style any how you can learn from their writing skills as I have learned from ShoutMeLoud. Don’t try to copy their exact style because this will result in hiding of your own skills. Represent the matter in the best way you can.

Choose an Eye Catching Title:

After choosing the topic now, it’s time to choose the best eye catchy title for your article. The article which has the eye catchy title will result get more CTR from the google which means more viewers to your site or blog. An example is here the title is “How To Remember Formulas, you can represent this as “9 Awesome Secrets to Remember Formulas Easily” so this will simple catch the viewers to read the articles but please don’t write lies/false information or any thing which may be deceiving or cheating the reader. So try your level best to represent the title as responsive and eye catchy as possible.

How To Write A Good Quality Article For Blogs
How To Write A Good Quality Article For Blogs

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Write Properly in a Format:

Don’t write and write and write, Stop! Simply continue writing is not the correct way, the best way you can write is after choosing the best eye catchy article is:

  1. Write a paragraph almost about 80 words explaining about the beginning of an article or the introduction.
  2. Use Full stops, commas, exclamatory marks, hyphens, inverted commas wherever necessary.
  3. Write in a way how a reader wants to. For a while think that you are a reader and how you would like to have this article as a reader.
  4. Use paragraphs as per requirement (A good article should at-least have 6-8 paragraphs).
  5. Use Sub heading wherever required (A good article should have at-least 4-5 sub headings).
  6. Write the introduction to the article in the beginning then use a sub heading and start writing about the article in a paragraph, after the paragraph is complete than before starting a new paragraph also use sub heading if required.
  7. In the ending write the summary of the article in few lines (almost 60+ words) and give the sub-heading as “Conclusion and Final Words.”
  8. Don’t start every word with capital letter. Only start a line and paragraph or a name with capital letter.
  9. Don’t make grammatical mistakes. Make sure to use copywriting tools and improve your content.
  10. Don’t do spelling mistakes (use MS Office Word to ignore this issue as the MS office word will suggest you the proper words if written wrong)
  11. Don’t make the article too short. A good article should contain around 600 words. Anyhow 400 words are also enough. (Use MS Word to calculate the number of words in your article).
  12. Use bullet list or numbered list wherever necessary.

Never Copy the Articles:

Don’t even copy a paragraph from others; this will result in a lot of issues, if you are a blogger than from whom you have copied they may complain to DMCA, and this will result in removal of your sites from Google search engine so ignore this. You might be thinking that how they could know that you have copied their article, there are simple strategies to know who has copied your article. In my sense, even I also found a lot of people who copied my article and sent them warning to remove.
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The original article is much more valuable. A copied one is as you have not written anything on your own. You can use proper and best English to optimise your article in the best way.

Points to be considered for Bloggers:

  • Use the best images which justify your post. I suggest you not to go for copyright images, you can create your own images and use it and in case you are using the copyright images, you can give credits to them.
  • Use proper permalinks which result in good SEO.
  • Use good focus keywords which is present in your article.
  • Optimize your post properly for search engines.

Final Words and Conclusion:

For a good article or post you need to choose a good topic first and write on it, don’t write any other things than topic. Use heading and sub heading properly with the paragraphs. Don’t write on out dated topics. Write on trending topics or required topics. Write at least 400 words, and finally, I say use your mind to guess how a reader want’s to read the article.
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