How To Fix Spectrum Cable Box Error Codes (List With Fixes)

Spectrum is continuously emerging as one of the most successful service providers. With this brand, you can have maximum network coverage, the best internet speed, and Spectrum QoS. However, even with such a popular brand, you may encounter some disturbing errors. Spectrum Cable Box Error Codes List with Fixes?

DUI, DMI, DI, EC220, E220, E14, and E09 are some general spectrum cable box error codes list that can appear frequently. These error codes mostly indicate picture issues, TV channel errors, and failed programs.

But that does not mean you will not be able to fix these errors. I have discussed these general error codes, the reason they appear, and the fixes you can try to resolve the errors in the below sections. 

Spectrum Cable Box Error Codes List with Fixes

Spectrum Cable Box Error Codes List

Each error code that you encounter on the Spectrum cable box indicates some particular issues. So, it is better to know why they appear frequently. Only then, you can try to fix them. Here is the Spectrum cable box error codes list with their fixes.

Spectrum cable box error DUI or DMI

Cause: Lack of signals from the video interface.

  • Check for damaged, loose cables or faulty connections. 
  • Restart the Spectrum set-top box. 

Spectrum cable box error DI

Cause: Triggers when using an outdated program guide. 

  • Restart the set-top box and wait for the update to complete. It can take anywhere from 15-60 minutes. 

Spectrum cable box error EC220 or E220

Cause: The set-top box is trying to receive HD signals on a Standard Definition (SD) receiver or TV. 

  • Restart the set-top box to reset signals.
  • Check for loose or damaged cable connections. 
  • Check to ensure you’re getting the right programming according to your receiver, subscription and TV.
  • If you have an SD TV, either downgrade your plan or upgrade to a better TV.

Spectrum cable box Error 1, Error 5 and Error 7

Cause: Indicates several problems including connectivity issues, no internet access or WAN signals or an outage from Spectrum. 

  • Restart the router
  • Check cables and modem.
  • Check for Spectrum outages.
  • Contact Spectrum Support. 

Spectrum cable box error E14

Cause: Triggered on receiver boot failure. 

  • Reset the set-top/cable box.
  • Contact Spectrum Support. 

Spectrum cable box error IA01

Cause: Usually caused by misconfigured files or poor cable connections. 

  • Check your connections.
  • Check cables for bends or damage.
  • Restart the set-top/cable box. 
  • Contact Spectrum Support.

Spectrum cable box error E09

Cause: Indicates a dead battery or memory failure. 

  • Charge the cable box. 
  • Reset the set-top/cable box.
  • Contact Spectrum Support. 

Spectrum cable box error E208 and E211

Cause: Generally triggered by subscription errors or an incomplete Video on Demand (VOD).

  • Restart the set-top/cable box. 
  • Contact Spectrum Support.
  • Check if the content you’re trying to access is included in your subscription. 

Spectrum cable box error D.000, CLR and Etl.d

Cause: Update in progress or issue downloading additional software or updates.

  • Wait for 15-60 minutes for the update to complete.
  • Restart the router.
  • Ensure proper connections. 
  • Contact Spectrum Support. 

Spectrum cable box error STAM and STAB STBH-3802

Cause: Triggers due to weak or no signals from the cable box.

  • Check cable connections.
  • Restart the router.
  • Check incoming WAN cable.
  • Contact Spectrum Support.


1. What are the Spectrum error codes?

If you have a Spectrum connection, you may notice multiple error codes for the Spectrum cable box. They are:

  1. DI- An issue with the Spectrum TV pixels (an update on the program guide is available).
  2. DUI, DMI- Issues with the Spectrum signal, missing channels, and picture.
  3. Error 1, Error 5, Error 7- Hardware issue.
  4. EC220, E220- An issue with buying or receiving HD programming on television or HD receivers.
  5. E14- Issues with the receiver startup.
  6. E09- Dead battery or the failure of memory. 

2. Where is the reset button on the Spectrum cable box?

You will be able to find out the reset button on the front or back side of the Spectrum cable box. You should first check the front side of the Spectrum cable box. There you will be able to find a little circular reset button.

In case you can’t find the button on the front of the cable box, you should check the back side beside the power cords. On the other hand, you will be able to rest your Spectrum connection if you press the menu button on the right side of the cable box of Spectrum. 

3. How do I fix the error Spectrum on my cable box?

You will be able to fix the error Spectrum on your cable box in multiple ways. You can try them all if one method does not work for you. The methods are as follows:

  1. You should try to reboot the cable online.
  2. You may try to restart the cable box with the help of the app.
  3. Try to restart the receiver manually.
  4. You need to ensure that the power cords of the Spectrum cable box are attached safely to the outlet. 

4. What does e8 mean on Spectrum?

If you have noticed the e8 error code on your Spectrum, it can indicate many issues. This error code is generally seen while the Spectrum cable box is starting up.

In most cases, the error code, e8, indicates that the receiver is not receiving enough power. That is why the startup process is getting disrupted. In case you have connected the receiver with an extension cord, you should make sure that the cord is not connected to multiple devices.

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