How To Create A Sub Domain (In Hosting) And Point It To Blogger Blogspot Blog


There are some bloggers who needs a sub domain to be hosted in blogger blogspot blog. After purchasing the hosting plan there are options to create and manage sub domains but it’s not an easy task to point the sub domain to the blogger blogspot domain, but no need to worry our tutorial is here, continue reading on to know how to point out your sub domain to the blogger blog spot domain and what is the need of pointing or mapping the sub domain to the blogger blogspot domain. Here are the complete details.

Why Need a Sub Domain?

To maintain a separate department of any work you need a sub-domain, as an example if I wanted to make a separate department for Mobiles in my blog than I will use the sub domain as ‘’. This will be totally different from your root domain. And no need to worry about Google! Google treats your sub domain as same as root domain.

You can create sub domain on almost all hosting service providers like GoDaddy, BigRock, Hostgator, BlueHost, IntelServer, Kinsta etc.

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Why Point Sub Domain to Blogger?

After you have purchased the hosting plan for your WordPress blog, according to the plan you will get the sub domains, the best advantage for mapping your domain to blogger that the blogger blogspot blog can handle unlimited traffic because it is hosted on cloud. So we can take advantage of this and if the root domain is hosted on WordPress than for unlimited handling of traffic we can use blogger blogspot in sub domain.

How To Point Sub Domain To Blogger?

There are so many methods to point your sub domain to the blogger, but I will tell you the most easy and simplest method to point your sub domain to blogger blogspot blog. Just follow the steps.

  1. Do not create a sub domain in Hosting because if you create sub domain than you can’t point it to blogger because it’s automatically pointed to your hosting’s account.
  2. Go to blogger and enter the sub domain and after you enter the sub domain you will get some values as seen the below image.
  3. Note down all these values 1,2 and 3,4 which are called as CNAMES.
  4. Create a Cloudfare account, if you are a WordPress blog users than it is highly recommended for you to create Cloudfare account. This will boost up your blog’s speed. Just go to and signup and update cloudfare’s nameserver’s in the domain registrar.
  5. If you have any difficulty to create Cloudfare account, contact me I will assist you with images.
  6. Go to your Cloudfare account and go to the ‘Add CNAMES’ .
  7. Enter 1,2 values in 1st CNAME.
  8. Enter 2,3 values in 2nd CNAME.
  9. That’s it! Your sub domain is crated successfully! It may take 24 hours to update. So be patient.

Final Words and Conclusion:

This process is very simple if you are familiar with Cloudfare, you just need to enter Blogger blogspot’s blog CNAME’s to the Cloudfare account. And your cloud fare account already points your domain.


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