How To Hyperlink in Discord Embed? [Updated 2023]

If you are using Discord and trying to embed hyperlinks with the texts, you would love to know the pretty popular ways, one is Carl bot, and another is Webhook, which is a link generator. These are the two best and simple methods to hyperlink, just like methods of Charge A Vuse Without A Charger.

And that’s not all, now when you know the defined way, check the details of each step to be taken while performing the best methods. After all, Hyperlinks are the best way to add relevant information to your chatbox.

Method to hyperlink in Discord

Well, we would like to clarify that there is no in-built feature of hyperlinks in Discord, it always creates some issues. Probably, it is because Discord doesn’t want users to open any links from spam with those suspicious links. 

But don’t worry, you can hyperlink with a link generator Webhook or can also try Discord Bot to achieve this. 

An Embedded link generator will be very helpful in Discord to send hyperlink texts. So, it is clear that Discord will not allow you to hyperlink texts from your account. You need to use either a bot or a link generator to perform such actions. 

Well, people may also suggest you use link shorteners, which will help in shortening the link and make it better. However, the link is starting from HTTPS. Indeed, you should try something else with better results. Let us know the best ways one by one. 

Discord Hyperlink Bot (Carl Bot)
how to hyperlink in discord embed

There are different bots available on the Discord server, which allow adding commands and hyperlinks within the text. We have given a step-by-step guide to making it easy to understand for you. 

• First of all, users need to visit the Carl Bot website and then log in with the Discord account. 

• After logging into the Discord account, you will come to the main Dashboard where you will be asked to add a server to link the bot. Thereon, just add the server where you want to use the hyperlink. 

• Just allow and Authorize by clicking on the Continue button to take action further.

• Now tap on the Start button for the configuration of all the features or you can also skip the step. It will take you to the Carl bot dashboard. 

• Scroll down below on the left menu and tap on the Embed option to open the Embed Creator box. 

• The description box will appear in front of your screen. Add- Format-Prefix (enter the text that you want to hyperlink) {paste the link here}

• Once you have filled in all the information in the description box, now scroll down to the destination and choose the channel from the list. 

• At last, just tap on the post button to submit the embed message. 

That’s it, just follow the steps we have given above and hyper with Carl Bot in Discord. As we have seen, people are also looking for a solution for how to charge a user without a charger. Users can opt for a Micro- USB charger to charge it. 

how to hyperlink in discord embed

That’s another way for hyperlinking in Discord using Webhook. Let us understand with the step-by-step guide. 

• First, just open Discord on the app or web and then choose the server that you want to hyperlink to. 

• Now just tap on the drop-down menu of the server name and then tap on Server Settings. 

• In the left-hand menu, just tap on Integrations and then tap on New Webhook. 

• Here, you need to name your Webhook and have to choose the channel where you want to hyperlink. Once it is done, just tap on the Copy Webhook URL.

• Now you have to head to the website named Discord. club for generating the hyperlink message. 

• You will get the Webhook URL section, just copy the link that you have copied.

• Now you need to come to the bed section and have to tap on the + icon to create a new embed. 

• Then in the description box, you need to add the same thing that we did in Carl bot. 

Format-Prefix (enter the text that you want to hyperlink) {paste the link here}

• Once you did this, now you can also color your link from the color options. You will get many other options also, you can try some of them to make it more interactive.

• When you have done with all the settings, now just back to the top of the page and tap on Send Message. 

That’s it, by just following the above step, you can hyperlink in Discord. Moreover, while using Discord, you can also enjoy a music experience with TOZO T12 Earbuds with Windows 11. It would be a great experience for you. 


Q1. Can you Hyperlink in Discord?

Well, there is no probable solution for hyperlinking because of security reasons. Still, people can do this using a bot or Webhook to create a link, these are the alternative ways to hyperlink in Discord. 

Q2.Can you embed HTML in Discord?

Yes, in the embed description box, users can embed anything they want. It could be any symbol, element, or anything. You can also embed HTML easily. Here, you just need to add the code by adding three back-ticks before and after the code. 

Q3. How to embed a link?

To embed a link, you just need to right-click on the text or picture and just add the link option. Now paste the link in the address box. Then just tap on Send to finish the process of embedding. 

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