How To Charge A Vuse Without A Charger? [Easiest Way]

  • Connect the USB charging cable with your Vuse device to the USB port of a computer or laptop.
  • Plug the other end of the USB cable into the charging port of your Vuse device.
  • When the LED light on your device turns green, the device is fully charged and ready to use.
  • Unplug the USB cable from the device and computer once the device is fully charged.

This article explores more about the vuse charger DIY and how to charge a vuse without a charger.

Causes Of My Vuse Not Charging?

Here are some causes:

1. Poor Connections:

The most common cause of a vuse not charging is a poor connection between the device and the charger. Make sure the USB cable is firmly connected to the device and the charger, and try different USB ports if necessary. 

2. Faulty Charger:

If your Vuse is still not charging, it may be that the vuse charger itself is faulty. Test the charger with another device or phone, or try a different charger to see if that helps. 

3. Battery Failure:

In some cases, the battery of your Vuse may have failed, which will cause it not to charge. If this is the case, you may need to replace the battery. 

4. Software Issues:

Software issues such as corrupted files or bugs can cause the device not to charge. Try restarting the device or doing a factory reset to see if that helps. 

5. Damaged USB Port:

If the USB port of your Vuse is damaged, it may not be able to charge. In this case, you may need to take it to a repair shop to get it fixed.

How To Charge A Vuse Without A Charger? Explain Steps

how to charge a vuse without a charger

Be sure to pay close attention to each of the procedures outlined to charge your Vuse without a charger effectively.

  • Remove the wire from your phone’s charger, and make sure that the USB-C, micro USB, and Lightning cables are not plugged in (depending on the feature of your phone).
  • Carefully sever the sheath surrounding the wire, then remove two thin wires from the middle of the bundle. You must remove these cables with caution to ensure that your phone can be charged after they have been re-attached.
  • You could be fortunate and find that the wire has two colors, red and black. It makes it easier to determine which wire should be placed where it should be.
  • Now, remove the insulation layer by layer methodically until you are left with two bare connections (you may feel like being an engineer).
  • The next step is to feed the red wire through the center opening that can be found on the very end of your Vuse. Now, you need to feed the rear wire into the outlet on the left side of the center tunnel.
  • As soon as everything begins to move quickly, the indicator will start to light up. You will not have to wait much longer for your Vuse to start being charged, and you will soon be able to enjoy some puffs.
  • Hold Vuse and both cables in one hand while the charging procedure occurs. It will allow you to monitor whether or not the wires are moving excessively. It is because disruptions may affect the rate at which your Vuse charges.

How Long Does Vuse Take To Charge

how to charge a vuse without a charger

Even though the Vuse iPod was built with several built-in safeguards, you should leave it at home and charge it while you sleep. The gadget will be ultimately charged in about one hour and forty minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I charge my vape with a phone charger?
Use your vape’s original cord to charge it. Most phone chargers are good, however, those with non-removable cables are built for the device they came with.

2. Can you charge a VUSE with a magnet?
No, you cannot charge a VUSE with a magnet. VUSE e-cigarettes use a USB charger to charge the battery.

3. What voltage should I charge my vape at?
Vape batteries typically have a voltage of 4.2, a nominal voltage of 3.7, and a voltage discharge cut-off between 2 and 3 volts. 

4. Is it Safe to Use a Phone Charger to Charge Your Vuse?
Avoid chargers with USB cables built in. It’s safer to connect your USB cord to a phone charger. Use your vape’s original cord to charge it.

Final Thoughts

Charging a Vuse without a charger is possible, but it is not recommended. It is safer and more efficient to use an approved Vuse charger to ensure that the battery is safely and adequately charged.

If you must charge your Vuse without a charger, you can use a USB cable to connect the Vuse battery to a USB outlet or a laptop computer. 

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