How to Find WordPress Theme a Blog/Website is Using

Do you want to know what WordPress theme a Blog/Website is using?  Here is quick way to find out What WordPress theme a Website Uses. WordPress is the most popular platform to create a Blog, there are Millions of websites as well as top blogs in the world that are hosted on WordPress. Thus these all WordPress site uses Wordpress theme for its layout. As it’s not very hard to find out WordPress theme of any website, if you are good in coding.

If you visit a WordPress Website having great Wordpress theme and wonder what WordPress theme it is using? Several times, you may need to know WordPress theme of a WordPress blog which design you like most. If you are good at coding and familiar with theme codes, you can find the WordPress theme of a site easily by theme’s main stylesheet  in the source code. But, everyone don’t know how to do that. Don’t worry, Here is quick tool that lets you find WordPress theme of a Website.

What WordPress Theme A Blog Is Using

What WordPress Theme is that” is a site that helps you to find Which wordpress theme a site is using. You just need to enter the URL of a site and it will tell you the complete information as well as WordPress theme name of the site you want to know. See the picture above.

What WordPress Theme is That
What WordPress Theme is That

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What WordPress Theme is That not only gives you the Theme information of a WordPress site but also tell you What all WordPress Plugin a site is using. So if you are looking for a WordPress theme a website is using, I highly recommend you to go for What WordPress Theme is That.

Hope, this post will help you to find What WordPress theme a website is using. What another trick you use to find a theme of a WordPress site? How you find WordPress theme of Website? Tell me via comment box below.

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