How To Get Google Site Links For Your Blog/Website

What is Google Sitelinks? Have you get Google Sitelinks for your Blog? Recently I noticed TechBlot has been got Google Sitelinks. I have got Google Sitelinks for my blog in very less time. So I think why not share some tips so that other website owners and bloggers too can get Sitelinks for their websites and blogs. Here is how to get Google Sitelinks for your blog quickly.

What is Google Sitelinks?

Google Sitelinks are some links that appear on the first page of Google search results when you search for a name or link of a Blog or Website. The links shown below of a Google’s search results, called Sitelinks. The links shows on Google search result as a sitelinks are automatic generated by Google itself.  Here is how Google sitelinks looks. Check the picture below that is an example of Google sitelinks of my Blog. You can also search for a keyword “TechBlot” on Google to see the sitelinks of my blog.

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What are sitelinks

Benefits of Having Google Sitelinks.

Having Sitelinks of your website on Google search results is useful for the user. There are lots of benefits of having Google Sitelinks for your blog, but below are some of them which I have shared.

Having sitelinks of your blog on Google indicates, You are getting more traffic to your website from Google. Thus, Because of the Sitelinks and better Click Through Rate (CTR) Your website will get more exposure.

If your website have Google Sitelinks it means you have higher authority for your website on Google. Because Google award Sitelinks to only those websites that are very popular in their niche, it has good number of backlinks, Links are well structured and having easy navigation etc.

The Google Sitelinks shows that your blog content is trustful and Google trust your blog that’s why you a Sitelinks for your website on Google.

Check out the video below from Matt Cutts where he is talking about Google Sitelinks.

How to Get Google SiteLinks?

Before reading further let me clear it, There is not any official way to get Google sitelinks, means Google has not shared any process to getting sitelinks officially. So there is no shortcut or button that requires a click for Google sitelinks. But don’t worry, Here I am sharing some factors that is very important to get Google sitelinks for your website on Google as per my experience through my previous blogs.  Even I have got Google Sitelinks for TechBlot within 40 days.

  • Make sure you are getting good amount of traffic from search engine and your blog is having high CTR from search engine results page.
  • Add correct titles and Meta Tags description for your blog home page and blog posts.
  • Your Website should be at least 30 days old. As Google doesn’t assign Sitelinks for the domain having little age. However, If you have great quality content and well structured blog, You can get sitelinks  for your website only in One month.
  • Your Blog/website needs to be ranked first position while searching for your Blog name on Google.
  • If you have Google authorship markup for you blog/website on search engine you have more chance to getting Google sitelinks easily.
  • Your blog should be SEO Friendly such as keywords, title, description etc. It helps a lot to get Google sitelinks quickly.
  • Your blog should have good number of quality backlinks. You should try to get some inbound links from high quality sites.
  • Your blog should be searched for its name on Google.

How to remove Google Sitelinks?

If there is incorrect or inappropriate sitelink URL shown on Google search result of your blog and you do not want to show it on Google, you can demote it. If you demote a URL for a sitelink of your blog, it tells Google that you don’t really consider this link as good sitelink. Follow the instructions below to remove/demote a sitelink URL.

  • Login to your Google Webmaster Tools and click the site you want.
  • Navigate to Site configuration >>Sitelinks.
  • In the Demote this sitelink URL box, put the URL of the sitelink you want to remove.
  • Now click on Demote button.

Once you have demoted a sitelink, it take some time to reflect search results. Google will stop showing that specific link from your blog/website sitelinks and add another alternate to it. You can demote up to 100 URLs and also undemote a sitelink too.

I have shared these effective tips to get Google sitelinks for your website. Hope you like this and may works for you. Do you have any question or suggestion, please share in the comment bow below.

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