Introduction to SEO or what is search engine optimazation

Today, the most popular tool that the users employ to find products and information on the web is the search engine. Consequentially, ranking well in a search engine can be very profitable. In a search landscape where users rarely peruse past the first or second page of search results, poor rankings are simply not an option. Here in this article “Introduction to SEO or what is search engine optimazation” i cover up with seo.

Introduction to SEO or what is search engine optimazation
Introduction to SEO or what is search engine optimazation

Knowing and understanding the exact algorithms employed by a search engine would offer an unassailable advantage for the search engine marketer. However, search engines will never disclose their proprietary inner workings — in part for that very reason. Furthermore, a search engine is actually the synthesis of thousands of complex interconnected algorithms. Arguably, even an individual computer scientist at Google could not know and understand everything that contributes to a search results page. And certainly, deducing the exact algorithms is impossible. There are simply too many variables involved.

Search engine optimization aims to increase the number of visitors to a website from unpaid, “organic” search engine listings by improving rankings.

Nevertheless, search engine marketers are aware of several ranking factors — some with affirmation by representatives of search engine companies themselves. There are positive factors that are generally known to improve a web site’s rankings. Likewise, there are negative factors that may hurt a web site’s rankings.

You should be especially wary of your sources in the realm of search engine optimization. There are many snake oil salesmen publishing completely misleading information. Some of them are even trying to be helpful — they are just wrong. One place to turn to when looking for answers is reputable contributors on SEO forums. Also know HOW TO BUILD LINKS BY COMMENTING ON BLOGS AND FORUMS.

Many factors affect search engine rankings. But before discussing them, the next section covers the concept of “link equity,” which is a fundamental concept in search engine marketing. You also love to read “10 ESSENTIAL SEO TERMS YOU SHOULD KNOW

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