What Does Poke In Facebook Means

Facebook become one of the popular social media ways to share your day-to-day activities or talk with your long-distance friends. There are many features available on Facebook which are well-known by the user while some are not known that much. When someone pokes you on Facebook then various question still wanders in your mind like is poking on Facebook flirting, what does poking on Facebook mean?.  While some people thought Poking means teasing someone.

Using a Facebook account by making it is very simple in today’s time. A lot of features are available on Facebook but some features such as Poking people we do not even know about. When we get the notification “Poked You” on Facebook, then we think about what does poke on Facebook means and what happens when we poke him/ her back. If I say it in straightforward words then 80% of Facebook user doesn’t know the meaning of Poked you on Facebook. When someone sees the buttons of poke on any of their friend’s profile they start poking each other by don’t know what it means when a guy pokes you on Facebook. 

In order to understand the meaning of poke, First of all, it is important to know what is its use and how to use it. Poke has some use that’s why Facebook has added to it.

What does poke in Facebook means

Basically, Facebook Poke means in English is someone is trying to get your attention, flood your notifications just for fun, or find an excuse to flirt. Whereas Facebook Poke means in Hindi ” प्रहार ” in other words poke means in Hindi ” याद दिलाना ”. While some people know the poked meaning in Tamil is போக and poke meaning in Telugu is పోక. By excessive use of Facebook poke your Facebook account also gets blocked for some time. In this post, you will come to know how to use a poke function on Facebook in a proper manner.
I clarified to you a little more what poke means to understand it better. If someone poked you on Facebook then it means he teased you or provoked you. Also, know this poke function for what thing will work.

Is poking on Facebook flirting?

When someone poked on Facebook to a girl or a boy they thought they give a signal for starting a relationship. While some thinks they are trying to flirt with them. Poking at someone on Facebook is no longer a creepy or lazy way to flirt. The Facebook poke was once considered to be a creepy flirting tool, but it seems to have evolved into a simple and polite way to say hello to an old acquaintance.

How to know who poked me on Facebook?

To know who poked you on Facebook you have to check the notification bar. When some poked you start getting a notification of Poked you and that will be reflected in the notification menu of Facebook.

Facebook poke means Wikipedia

Wikipedia says People poke their friends or friends of friends on Facebook for a lot of reasons (ex: just saying hello, getting their attention). When you poke someone, they’ll receive a notification.

When Commenting and Sharing blocked by Facebook

Sometimes facebook blocked our commenting and sharing feature by some mistake then we’re not able to use the poke feature on Facebook. For instance, if some user shares spammy links or spam comments then Facebook thinks they are doing some kind of invalid activity.

Facebook seems that through your Facebook id spamming is increasing and other users may have trouble with this. That’s why Facebook blocked you for 2-3 days. Afterward, you can not share anything on Facebook. Then you think about how to unblock the comment feature, so this remedy is also for poke.

For this, you have to request your friend to poke you on Facebook. When your friends poke you on Facebook then they think your profile is real and removes you from spamming.

You also cannot use the poking feature in the excessive amount

Even if you use the poking feature in excessive amounts then your Facebook account may also get blocked. According to Facebook, using a poking feature in excessive amounts seems like your Facebook account is not real and you’re using this feature in the wrong manner of some other Facebook id. If you start poking too much they consider your account spammy or they block your account.

Hope you understand the meaning of Poking someone properly. If still questions wandering in your mind then comment below. Pardon if omissions.

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