How To Fix “Atomic Heart Low Level Fatal Error” ? [Updated 2023]

The Low-Level Fatal Error in Atomic Heart can be a gamer’s worst nightmare. This error can pop up due to a myriad of reasons, ranging from corrupted game files to the use of certain plugins. But before you throw in the towel, let’s explore some tried and tested solutions.

The Low-Level Fatal Error in Atomic Heart is a pesky issue that has left many gamers scratching their heads. But fret not, as we dive deep into the potential causes and solutions to this problem.

1. Edit Launch Options

atomic heart low level fatal error

Launch options are more than just settings; they’re your first line of defense against errors. For Atomic Heart, the game by default uses DirectX12. However, this has led to the infamous error for many. The solution? Force the game to use DirectX11. Here’s how:

  • Open Steam and head to your game library.
  • Right-click on Atomic Heart and select ‘Properties’.
  • In the ‘Launch Options’, input the command -dx11 or -d3d11.
  • Restart the game and keep your fingers crossed!

2. Turn off Scanning Fix (For Flawless Widescreen Users)

For those using the Flawless Widescreen plugin, the scanning fix feature might be your culprit. This feature, although handy for ultrawide monitors, has been causing crashes. To disable:

  • Launch the Flawless Widescreen app.
  • Select Atomic Heart from the list.
  • Under ‘Individual Fixes’, uncheck the ‘Scanning Fix’ option.
  • Relaunch the game and check for the error.

3. Lower Graphics Settings

atomic heart low level fatal error

High graphics settings can be a visual treat, but they can also be the root of your problems. If you’re using settings above ‘High’, consider toning it down. Sometimes, the game struggles to render high-quality graphics, leading to the error. Navigate to the game’s settings, choose ‘Quality’, and select a lower preset. This might just be the quick fix you need!

4. Verify Game Files

atomic heart low level fatal error

Corrupted game files can wreak havoc. Thankfully, Steam has a feature to verify the integrity of these files. To use:

  • Open Steam and go to your library.
  • Right-click on Atomic Heart, and select ‘Properties’.
  • Navigate to the ‘Local Files’ tab.
  • Click on ‘Verify integrity of game files’.
  • Wait patiently and then relaunch the game.

5. Remove Overclock (If Applicable)

Overclocking can boost performance, but it can also be a double-edged sword. If you’ve overclocked your GPU or CPU, consider reverting to the default settings or even underclocking slightly. Some games, including Atomic Heart, might not play well with overclocked systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. I’ve tried all the solutions mentioned but still face the error. What should I do next?

Ans: Consider reaching out to the game’s official support or community forums. Sometimes, specific system configurations might need tailored solutions.

Q2. Are there any risks associated with changing the DirectX version of the game?

Ans: Switching between DirectX versions is generally safe. However, you might notice changes in-game performance or graphics quality.

Q3. I encountered the “Paramount Plus Error Code 4200.” What does it mean?

Ans: This error typically indicates a connection or server issue with Paramount Plus. Ensure your internet connection is stable, and if the problem persists, contact Paramount Plus support.

Q4. What does the “Sharex Authentication Error” mean?

Ans: This error usually arises when there’s an issue with ShareX connecting to a specific service for uploads. Ensure your API keys and upload settings are correctly configured.

Q5. How can I change the color of my name on Discord?

Ans: To change your name color on Discord, you’ll need to change your role color. Server administrators can assign roles with specific colors, and your name will appear in that color in the server.

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