Fix The Amazon Error Code 7031 With Easy Steps

The leading streaming platform, Amazon Prime Video has a subscription base of more than 200 million. However, this streaming platform is not totally free of flaws. Amazon error 7031 is one of the most common issues that so many viewers face every day. 

To fix the Amazon Prime Video error 7031-

  • Turn on the two-step verification
  • Use a VPN.
  • Turn off the ‘Do not track’ request in Chrome.
  • Stream from the .ca domain.
  • Check for the server issue.

The moment the Amazon Prime error 7031 occurs, you will see the ‘Video Unavailable’ notification. But, don’t worry! The above-said fixes are simple enough to try. So, keep reading.

Amazon Error Code 7031- Causes Of This Error Code On Amazon

amazon error 7031

Are you one of those users who frequently experience the error 7301 on Amazon Prime Video? Below, I am giving you the list of reasons why the error code 7031 is showing up on Amazon Prime.

  • Amazon Server Issues

Amazon server issues can often cause the Prime Video error 7031. This is perhaps the most annoying situation where you can’t do anything but wait for the error code 7031 to resolve automatically.

  • .COM Domain Server Issue

Sometimes, when you try to stream video on Amazon Prime from the .com domain, error code 7031 can show up. So, in such a situation, you will have to try using the .ca domain.

  • Issues On Your Server

If you are not using the Chrome browser to stream video on Amazon Prime, error code 7031 can frequently occur. Amazon Prime Video often triggers error codes including 7031 on browsers like Vivaldi, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and others. So, in such a situation, try using Chrome to see shows on Amazon Prime.

  • Enabled ‘Do NOt Track’ Feature

If the ‘Do Not Track’ option is turned on in your Chrome Browser in the Privacy and Settings option, Amazon Prime Video error code 7031 can show up. 

  • Attempts To See Geo-Locked Shows

In case you are trying to stream geo-locked content on Amazon Prime Video, error code 7031 can hamper your enjoyment. A geo-locked content indicates that some shows are restricted to stream in some specific regions. 

  • Disabled Two-Step Verification

If the two-step verification option is disabled on your Chrome Browser, Prime Video Error Code 7031 will show up. This happens when users are trying to stream Amazon Prime through a 3rd-party service provider. 

Fixes For Amazon Prime Video Error Code 7031

Turn On The Two-Step Verification
  • Launch your Amazon Prime Account.
  • Go to the Advanced Security Settings option.
  • Choose ‘Get Started’ from the Two-Step verification option.
  • Once you are on the next window, type your phone number and choose ‘Continue’.
  • Choose ‘Send Code’. 
  • Then choose ‘Verify Code’.
  • Click on ‘Continue’. 

Using a VPN while streaming videos on Amazon Prime can resolve the 7031 error code. With VPN, you can bypass all restrictions. 

Turn Off The ‘Do Not Track’ Request In Chrome
  • Launch Chrome.
  • Navigate to settings.
  • Go to ‘Privacy and Settings’.
  • Choose ‘More’.
  • Turn off the ‘Do Not Track’ button.
Stream From The .Ca Domain

Sometimes, a 7031 error code can be triggered if you are using So, to resolve it, you can stream from on Chrome.

Check For The Server Issue

As discussed earlier, if the error code 7031 is triggered by a server issue, you can do nothing here. So, check for it and wait until the 7031 error code on Prime is resolved automatically. 

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