855 Area Code: Location, Scam Or Legit & Full Guide

The 855 area code is a North American toll-free number, available for use across the entire NANP region, including the USA, Canada, Bermuda, and certain Caribbean islands. Introduced by the NANPA to meet the growing demand for phone numbers since the 60s, it stands alongside other toll-free codes like 800, 833, 844, 866, 877, and 888. 

Unlike geographic area codes, the 855 area code is not confined to a specific location, providing coverage across all major areas of the USA and the broader NANP region. This ensures that even if a business experiences a MYSTERIOUS PHONE CALL FROM 0000000000?, customers can still reach out without any hassle.

Benefits For Various Teams

  • Enhanced Customer Accessibility: The toll-free nature of the 855 area code makes it easier for customers to reach out to the business, fostering better customer engagement and satisfaction. Similarly, businesses looking to improve their social media presence might ask, HOW TO GET MORE LIKES ON FACEBOOK? The principle is the same: accessibility and visibility are key.
  • Increased Call Volume Management: Sales teams and call centers can handle higher volumes of incoming calls more efficiently, leading to improved customer service and potential sales opportunities.
  • Cost-Efficiency: The business covers the cost of the calls, which can be more cost-effective than losing potential customers due to call charges.
  • Nationwide Presence: Marketers can leverage the 855 area code to establish a nationwide presence, as the number is not tied to a specific geographic location, enhancing brand visibility.
  • Professional Image: Using an 855 number can enhance a business’s professional image, instilling confidence in customers and potential clients when they interact with customer support or other teams. This is crucial, especially when dealing with issues related to Can You Drive With A Bad Mass Air Flow Sensor? as it ensures customers that they are dealing with professionals.
Area Code855
LocationAll major areas in the NANP; not tied to a specific location
Time ZoneNot specific; spans multiple time zones
Cities CoveredAll major cities in the NANP
Major CarriersVarious, including Verizon, Sprint
Scams Reported?Yes
PurposeUsed by businesses for customer service and sales
DistinctionDifferent from geographic area codes; part of toll-free number series

How An 855 Area Code Number Can Help Your Business

855 Area Code

1. Allows Customers To Call You Free Of Charge: Offering an 855 number removes call costs for customers, encouraging them to reach out to your business, which can lead to increased engagement and opportunities.

2. Fosters A National Presence: An 855 area code presents your business as accessible nationwide, enhancing your brand’s image and suggesting a well-established presence.

3. Increases Client Satisfaction: Providing a toll-free line improves customer experience, as clients can easily contact your business without worrying about call charges.

4. Easily Forwards Calls: Calls to your 855 number can be seamlessly redirected to any phone line, ensuring that your business is reachable, and enhancing operational flexibility and customer service.

How To Get An 855 Area Code Number

855 Area Code

1. Identify Your Needs: Assess why your business needs an 855 number, considering factors like customer accessibility, nationwide presence, and improved customer service.

2. Select a Service Provider: Choose a reputable telecommunications or VoIP service provider that offers toll-free 855 numbers, ensuring they have reliable service and competitive pricing.

3. Check Number Availability and Choose Your Number: Use the provider’s tools to check the availability of 855 numbers and select one that suits your business, considering memorable sequences or relevant numerals.

4. Review and Purchase Your Plan: Understand the costs involved, including any setup fees or monthly charges, and purchase the plan that best fits your business needs.

5. Set Up and Promote Your New Number: Follow the provider’s instructions to set up your new 855 number, configure any necessary call routing or forwarding, and start promoting the number to your customers.

Why Buy An 855 Area Code Number From MightyCall?

855 Area Code

1. Nationwide Reach: An 855 number from MightyCall allows your business to establish a presence across the entire North American Numbering Plan region, making your services accessible to customers regardless of their geographic location.

2. Enhanced Professional Image: Having a toll-free 855 number can enhance your business’s professional image, showing potential clients and customers that you are established and customer-centric.

3. Cost-Efficient Communication: MightyCall offers competitive pricing for 855 numbers, providing a cost-efficient solution for businesses looking to improve their communication channels without incurring exorbitant costs.

4. Robust Call Management Features: MightyCall provides a suite of call management features, including call forwarding, voicemail, and call routing, ensuring that you can effectively manage incoming calls and provide excellent customer service.

5. Reliability and Support: Choosing MightyCall for your 855 number ensures that you have reliable service backed by customer support, helping to resolve any issues promptly and keeping your communication channels running smoothly.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1: How is an 855 number different from other toll-free numbers?

A: An 855 number functions similarly to other toll-free numbers, but it has a different prefix. Other toll-free prefixes include 800, 833, 844, 866, 877, and 888. All of these numbers allow callers to reach businesses without being charged for the call.

Q2: Can I choose my own 855 number?

A: Yes, many service providers offer the option to choose your own 855 number, depending on availability. Some businesses opt for numbers that are easy to remember or spell out a word related to their services.

Q3: Is there any difference in cost between an 855 number and other area codes?

A: While the cost of calling an 855 number is free for the caller, the business that owns the number will incur charges. The cost structure for 855 numbers is generally similar to other toll-free numbers, but it can vary depending on the service provider.

Q4: Can I use an 855 number for text messages?

A: Yes, many service providers offer the capability to send and receive text messages through an 855 number, though it’s important to confirm this feature with your specific provider.

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