What is the Significance of a Mysterious Phone Call From 0000000000? Is the Telephone Number 000 000 0000 Safe?

Mysterious Phone Call From 0000000000
Mysterious Phone Call From 0000000000
Mysterious Phone Call From 0000000000
                                                       Mysterious Phone Call From 0000000000

Well, who else can tell you the exact meaning of “incoming calls from number 0000000000” than the person who kept getting the calls himself, not only once, but several times? Such calls are so annoying and mysterious, when I asked about it in online forums and communities, nobody could give me any satisfactory answers or explanations about this mysterious activity. And I came to know that the world still has so many things exist in our society which is beyond our explanations. It’s then, I decided to write this article to tell people what exactly happened to me when I started facing those calls and what are those calls all about. So, read till the end to know the reality!

Why Did I Even Start Researching Online For It?

Here let me tell you why I started enquiring about the phone number with all zeros. It was this year 2019, September when I got the first missed call from the number 0000000000. It was 8th September as far as I remember, and I got a call from 000-000-0000. At first, I couldn’t believe it at all!  I was like, What?????? A phone number with all zeros???? Can this ever happen??? I started doubting myself. The phone rang for just for around two times, and before I could come out of the shock, it got disconnected automatically!

Mysterious Phone Call From 0000000000
                                                        Mysterious Phone Call From 0000000000

The best part is, when I checked the call list, it didn’t show any call-log for the phone call from 0000000000. When I told about this incident to others, nobody believed me, even my friends and relatives started telling me that I was hallucinating the entire thing, and it was all my imagination, nothing else! Even, I myself started thinking the same. But, things started changing when I got the call again after a week or so!

I Realized It Was Not My Imagination, It Was All Real!

This time, it was just a week later, I got again a missed call from all zeros. This time it was a bit scary, as the last time the call got disconnected before I could even think anything about it. But this time it was a bit different because for the entire week I thought about the mysterious phone number with all zeros. This time also happened the same as the last time, the phone rang for two times, and then got disconnected. But, this time it happened two times repeatedly! Imagine a situation when you are getting a call from a phone number with all zeros!!! It’s ringing repeatedly, isn’t it scary?

As soon as this incident took place, I started Googling about it, and also posted on several online platforms and social networking sites, asked questions in online forums saying “what does a phone number with all zeros mean?” This time I didn’t inform my friends about this mysterious incident as I just didn’t want to repeat the whole story once again. I guess anybody would have done the same, right? Let me know in the comments, what you would have done in such incidents if you were in my place. So Finally,

What Does a Phone Number With All Zeros Mean?

Mysterious Phone Call From 0000000000
                                                     Mysterious Phone Call From 0000000000

I got a huge number of responses across all such online platforms, which I was not at all expecting! And also found that it’s not something very strange happened to me, there are many people across the world who have faced such incident earlier. Even they also got calls from 00000. Different people have given different opinions on this, but the most surprising fact is that nobody could tell accurately the reason behind receiving such calls from a mysterious telephone number 000 000 0000. I thought at least somebody out of the whole world can explain this to me, but alas! I found no correct explanation. So, it is quite obvious that the incident still remained scary, untraceable while the mystery remained unsolved!

The Variety of Opinions and the Valuable Suggestions I Got From the People

I got plenty of opinions and suggestions, if I try to tell all of them, it will take a lot of time. So, here I will tell you a few of them which I found important.

  • Call From the Tele-Marketer

This has got the most of the unofficial voting. Most of the people have told about the telemarketers calling from some VOIP connection where the number cannot be identified. Sometimes these telemarketers use some VOIP connection as most of the people don’t want to pick the call if they find it coming from a telemarketing agency.

The suggestions I got that not to pick the call if the phone number has all zeros.

  • Call From Defence

Some people referred to their personal incidents when they got a phone call from 0000000000. They declared the fact that those calls were from some US defence or some other defence forums. Though, none of them could give any proper proof of that

  • Fake Call From Unknown Person

Some of the delegates have mentioned that when they receive incoming calls from number 0000000000, they were just some fake calls from unknown sources. And all of them have suggested not to receive the calls if it is a  missed call from all zeros

  • Cross Connection

Mysterious Phone Call From 0000000000
                                                          Mysterious Phone Call From 0000000000

Some people also told about cross-connections, as some of them claimed that there was always a cross-connection whenever they got a call from 000-000-0000. They said, they could not hear anything properly when they picked up the call from 00000

  • Call From Some Other Country

Some of them have also suggested that those calls come from some foreign country who makes calls using a secured connection and don’t want to reveal their phone number. In these cases, they can choose any customized number they want to display at the user end. It can be anything they want to show the user, such as “1231231231”, “1111111111”, or it can even be a phone number with all zeros.

So, truly speaking, I was not at all convinced by any of their opinions or suggestions as no one could give any proof or evidence in support of their opinion. But, one thing they all have said that it is not safe to receive the call if the call comes from telephone number 000 000 0000.

And yeah, some of them have also mentioned that if you get a phone call from 0000000000, it is most likely the ghosts are calling you! The creatures from another world (they can be ghosts or even the aliens) when trying to communicate with us, they use such techniques, and their phone numbers are not traceable by the Caller IDs. They are something like telephone number 000 000 0000.

They have said that when a person dies of an accident, they normally communicate like this. So, an incoming call from 0000000000 is nothing but a paranormal activity! Even, I too have the same feeling, as I have been getting those calls since then, repeatedly, almost every day, and now someone whispers over the phone, as if someone wants to tell me about something, but unable to make the contact. What shall I do now? Let me know in the comment section.



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