Fixed: Yoast Readability analysis and SEO Analysis not working issue

Fix seo analysis not working issue yast

Yoast is a very popular plugin being used by many blogger’s to improve their seo. Some user’s are phasing a general issue with  their yoast plugin, that when they try to write or edit a post. Their Yoast seo analysis is not working and their yoast readability analysis is not working as well. This 

This issue generally comes due to some wrong configuration on your settings. You can fix this issue easily with the help of our guide. Just follow our step by step guide below to fix these issues.

How to Fix Yoast seo analysis not working and readability analysis not working issue.

There can be multiple issues behind this issue, you can follow below steps to address the issues yourself.

Step 1: Enable Yoast Features

There is a feature to turn on or off yoast SEO analysis and readability analysis under yoast general settings.

Navigate to SEO > General > Features and make sure that both SEO analysis and readabality analysis are enabled.

Fix seo analysis not working issue yast

Step 2: Enable Yoast SEO Meta box

Disabling your yoast seo meta box can cause the readability analysis not working problem on wordpress. 

Go to SEO > Search Apearance > Content type > and make sure Yoast seo meta box option is configured to Show

Fix readability analysis issue in yoast

Step 3: Enable SEO analysis for users

This is also possible that your admin may have disabled the seo analysis feature for users. Disabling this feature causes the Yoast seo analysis not working and yoast readability analysis not working issue. 

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You can follow below steps to enable seo analysis.

  • Go to Users > All Users
  • Navigate to your user and click Edit button.
  • Scroll down to Yoast seo settings and check if  Disable SEO analysis it ticked or not.
  • If Disable SEO analysis is marked, remove the mark and click update profile button.
Yoast seo

That’s it. This is how you can fix seo analysis not showing issue with your yoast plugin on wordpress. If you still have any questions or your issue is not fixed yet, please let me know in the comment section below, I will feel happy to assist you on this issue.



  1. Is there any way to add more than 1 keyword without the Yoast pro? I was wondering about AMP. Maybe you should speak about it since it’s becoming more and more important as a ranking factor. I noticed that you have an addon for Yoast, which make it even easier to use.


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