What a beginner needs to know about World of Warcraft in 2022

The project from Blizzard – the developers of the MMO World of Warcraft, continues its development despite its already advanced age.

Players are offered new upgrades, game locations, bosses, weapons and armor, pumping and new raids including mythic 10 carry from well-equipped players.

What players need to know about World of Warcraft in 2022:

  • Education system
  • Freedom of choice of pumping
  • Top content after max level.

Education system

Starting with the Shadowlands update, the developers decided to revise the training system for new players. Now beginners are sent to a new location, where they show the basics of the game, the system of movement and skills, how to upgrade and introduce the talent system.

After completing the tutorial, which takes a little time, the player is introduced to the storyline and the quest system without being tied to a specific update.

Freedom of choice of pumping

The player is free to choose the way and place of pumping his character. Due to the fact that Blizzard regularly released major updates and expanded the game continent with new game zones, a whole archipelago of islands and zones has developed in which the player can upgrade his character.

You can follow the path of Shadowlands and level up in the hunting zones associated with the update, or choose any other and follow the path of early editions and updates.

Leveling up in WoW doesn’t end with simply gaining levels, there are still additional activities that you also need to level up for additional benefits.

For example, professions are activities aimed at character development and the opportunity to get additional resources that can be used in the future, or sell them to other players for game gold.

Professions are divided into collective and creating.


  • Skinning
  • Collection of herbs
  • Mining
  • Fishing


  • Blacksmith craft
  • Leatherworking
  • Tailoring
  • Disenchantment
  • jewelry
  • Cooking

Each of the professions is pumped in the process of use and helps the character to get a higher status.

In gathering professions, this will allow you to collect more and more valuable resources, in crafting professions – more valuable and rare game items that will be useful to the player and can be sold on the marketplace if necessary.

Top content after max level

As in most MMO projects, WoW offers the player the main content only after reaching the maximum level by pumping.

This is done in order for the player to go through the game levels, try out the maximum mechanics and skills before moving on to the main phase.

This allows the player to try out several characters and classes and decide on the main class before too much effort and time is invested in character development.

PVP content

If in the process of leveling a player encountered representatives of the enemy faction only in some general areas of leveling, then after reaching the maximum level of PVP content there will be more.

PVP can be chosen as a source of good gear and weapons, with a focus on player-to-player combat.

For gaming activities related to PVP, the player will receive special coins that can be exchanged for unique equipment.

Coins can be obtained for participating in large-scale battles between game factions for control over important territories, for battles in the arena with other players according to the 3 vs 3, 5 vs 5 system.

The mechanics of World of Warcraft work in such a way that if a player likes to fight other players from opposing factions, he does not have to grind in PVE, except for the most valuable raids.

The main combat equipment can be obtained precisely through battles and the destruction of representatives of the enemy faction.

Gradually, PVP coins will be accumulated, which can be exchanged for special equipment and weapons with an enhanced effect to deal great damage in PVP.

PVE content

The main content related to the destruction of monsters in WoW also starts from the maximum level.

The most interesting and difficult raids become available to the player. Of course, good equipment is required for comfortable trips, but if you craft or buy basic equipment at the start of the game, you can safely go to raids and gradually beat out more and more high-quality equipment.

Raids are also divided by difficulty level. It affects the behavior of the boss, negative effects, the damage to the boss and his minions. The number of people will certainly increase to achieve success, but the reward is much better than that which is knocked out from the boss in normal mode.

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