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“What we hope to see is a gadget that can do it all.”

The world around us is literally running on gadgets. It is literally impossible to imagine our lives without technology, isn’t it?


There are so many varieties of them. Laptops, phones, calculators, i-pods, headphones, video games, play stations, projectors, just to name a few.

Knowing about the latest technology and people’s views on them is a must, especially when you are thinking of buying it, right?

Staying up-to-date and having the best gadget in hand is literally a status quo. And to help you in maintaining that, we have brought the latest walabot reviews for you.

We know you are excited and cannot wait to see if the reviews are positive or negative but before that you have to have a look at your contents.

Here you go;

Walabot reviews
Walabot alternative for iphone
Walabot stud finder
Where to buy walabot
How does walabot work?

All the things that are mentioned above and a lot more information on walabot is coming your way. So, get ready and get going.

The Review Section!

Looking at the reviews before buying anything, especially a gadget always helps you in knowing whether your purchase will be worthy or not.

If a particular product has good reviews, you can buy that immediately and if there are mixed or mostly bad reviews, you can look for its alternative and can also explore where and why are people finding the product faulty.

Maybe the issues they are facing are not very relevant for you and you can give the product a try.

Helping you in doing the exact same in case of walabot. In case you don’t really know what walabot is, let us inform you that it is a 3D imaging device that uses radio frequency technology to project images for you.

Basically, a see-through walls app android, for android phones.

Moving onto the reviews and other important things, here are the answers to all your questions.

  • Walabot reviews;

Being very honest with you, reader, after doing a lot of research, we have mostly read ‘not up to the mark’ reviews for the gadget.

We know this news can be very heart breaking for those who were planning to buy this product or wanted to have it so badly, but you know our policy, we cannot keep secrets from our readers.

While there were mostly negative reviews about the product, there were quiet good reviews as well. The experienced people are willing to tell you what problem the device is showing and how you can fix that.

Those who have used the product are specially mentioning to check the product with your phone before making the purchase so that you don’t have to end up in disappointment.

Well, according to us, doing this will be a great idea reader, always make sure that whichever gadget you are buying, is functioning properly and is up to the mark of your expectations.

  • How does walabot work?

Connect walabot to your android phone, set up the device and scan the walls or areas you want to look through.

Walabot will tell you if there are any studs, pipes or wires inside the surface you are scanning.

So, you can basically understand this device as a walabot stud finder, which helps you locate your metal or wooden studs and pipes that you are unable to see otherwise inside your walls or floors.

  • Walabot where to buy?

Amazon! The best place to buy your personal walabot device is amazon. The best thing about buying it from amazon is that you can have a clear understanding about the different reviews from different people and you can also exchange and return it if there’s a problem with the device.

How convenient is that!

  • Walabot alternative

We mentioned above that walabot is actually an android device. It only works when connected to an android phone.

But what about the other phones? A device like a walabot stud finder is quite useful and beneficial for every other person.

But what if the person does not have an android? What do they need a walabot? Do they have to buy a new android phone specially for this work?

Isn’t there any alternative available? There has to be a walabot alternative for iphone, at least because iphones are as common as android.

Well, reader, you will be happy and reviled to know that all our iphone users don’t have to worry about not having an android phone to use walabot stud finder.

They can go for another stud finder which is made specially for IOS users just like walabot is made for the android phones.

The name of that device is Bosch D-TECT.

Now guessing all the questions that are running in our readers mind, here are a few answers related to this device.

Is it available online on the amazon app? Yes definitely! You can go and check now!

Does it work exactly like walabot? Again yes! You just read the procedure of using walabot, do the same with your iPhone when you are using Bosch D-TECT as your stud finder.

Does it function properly? Can it scan through the walls and surfaces to find studs and pipes?


Basically reader, when we are saying alternative, we literally mean it! all the things mentioned above for the walabot are applicable on Bosch D-TECT as well.

The only difference is that one works only with android phones while the other works only with IOS phones.

So now, you know all about walabot stud finder, you know where to find your stud finder and you also know how it works.

Just go and buy one quickly and share your experience with us, reader!


Looking at the review section when purchasing something online has literally become a life-saving hack.

Even if you are buying something through offline stores make sure to search for the reviews available online to have a clear picture of what you are about to buy and if it’s worth it or you should go for something else as its alternative.

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