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In the world of the internet, there are a bunch of ways to make money online.  There are two big ways. Working for a company that does its business on the internet, or work in the gig economy.  We will talk about some of the ways that people make money.

The first and most obvious way that people make money online is working for a large company that is primarily on the web.  And there are a lot of them. For example, Google, the ubiquitous search engine is primarily on the web and provides the rankings for millions upon millions of searches every day.  They need a bunch of people to keep their operation humming. They have salespeople that work with clients that advertise on their many platforms. They have engineers that build the tools and the interfaces that power their search engine.  They have management staff to keep their employees in line to work towards a bigger vision. They even have the restaurant staff to keep their employees fed so that they can work harder.

There are also the strict e-commerce players that are out there.  Of course, the biggest one is Amazon, but there is a slew of smaller players out there like vape companies that help deliver brands like propaganda eliquid to their customers.  Whereas Google has mostly an online presence,  Amazon processes orders online but delivers actual good in the real world.  If you ordered shampoo and a box of almonds from Amazon, you would receive those goods in a few days via the post.

There is also a growing market for hiring an Amazon accountant online. With expanding businesses on Amazon, there’s a rising demand for experts who can navigate the platform’s financial and tax systems. If you have accounting knowledge and understand Amazon’s operations, this could be a lucrative online opportunity for you. Starting on freelance platforms can give you a footing in this thriving sector of eCommerce.

In the online gig economy, there are plenty of players out there.  One of the bigger ones is Fiverr. This company began selling gigs for $5.  Anything and everything you needed online, you could get for $5. Albeit, the quality may not always be there, but it would come to you at a cost of $5.  So, if you need an article written, it would be $5. Setting up your Google AdWords account, that would also be $5. Nowadays, you can get more qualified and better providers for more than $5 a task, but you still need to manage your expectations on the quality.

The online gig economy transcends borders since it is online, so many providers from other countries are also joining into this game.  If you wanted to have a whole program built, you can have it done through one of these providers. is another one of these gig economy sites that matches providers and the customers that are looking for work to be done.  From building a simple webpage to building a complex website, you can find someone on Freelancer or even Fiverr to get it done. These sites provide an escrow system where you as a customer pay upfront for the work and the company’s tools are used to manage the progress of the project.  Once you are satisfied and only when you are satisfied will fund be released to the provider. It is a low-risk proposition for you as you can get what you paid for.

In the end, there are tons of ways to make money online.  If you want to work for someone, there are tons of companies that work mainly online.  If you want to work for yourself, there are also tons of options in the gig economy as well.

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