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Many Bloggers/Webmasters now a days Complaining that their Adsense account got disbaled whenever the Payment reaches to its threshold and they are planning to Quit Blogging.Is Really Google Adsense is the Only Way to make some Profitable Amount by being Online,Is Adsense is the Only way which Makes Bloggers alive here?If you go on Research then you will find its ” No Doubt Adsense is the Leader in Online Advertisements as they Pay some Good Revenue for ads monetization“.But what you will do when Your Site doesn’t compile with the Strict adsense Policies? These Policies keep on changing frequently due to its vast growth as Ads Network.

Even Many Newbies Complained  “Their Site is having more than 50+ Articles with some appreciable Traffic  but still they failed to get approved Adsense Account”.One other Part,Even many bloggers got approved adsense account then also after a couple of months due to some silly violation of Adsense Policies they got banned even the most frustrating when the Adsense completely Block their site URL for life time in participating in their such programmes.So,if ever suffers from such harsh conditions or you if think “There is no way to Make some Huge Money Without Adsense“,then for a while please forgot all these as we are are going to provide the Best Adsense alternatives and “how you can make ” $$$$” in a single month“.

Adsense Disabled

Infolinks is an online advertising platform which offers advertising products for publishers, advertisers and brands. The company’s products, including InFrame, InSearch, InTag and InText, were designed to overcome banner blindness.It was founded in 2007 and since they have more than 50K advertisers as well Publishers who got some Best Money making experience with Infolinks.No doubt it is the One of the Highest Paying In-Text Advertising Network which shows the relevant In-Text Ads for your Blog or Website too.There are many others In-Text Advertising Network available but the Infolinks is one of the best among them.

How To Apply For Infolinks

Its Just a simple procedure to get an Infolinks account but keep in mind their Policies before going for this application procedure.Below we are Providing the Pictorial view on  “How to get an approved Infolinks Account
  • Create an account by visiting this link. Now, you can also use your Facebook credentials when creating your Infolinks account.
infolinks join now forum fill
  • After filling it,Kindly Click on the Join Option Below it and enter your Infolinks Dashboard.
  • Again Click on Account Tab there and add your Website URL for the Approval.
If your Site Compile their policies then you can get a Approval Message with 48 Hours and most Important point to be notice is that Policies of Infolinks is not as Strict as Adsense.It means Bloggers from those Countries where Adsense is not Legal for them Inflolinks is the Best Alternative to earn some Bucks.

Infolink account approved-techblot

How Infolinks Works

Some Bloggers have a common doubt “Is Infolinks is Banner Ads Advertising Media or Text Ads” so for their clarification,Its a Inline Text ads which uses some keywords from your website to show the advertiser’s ads.These links will be totally different from the Natural hyperlinks and even you can customised these link with Dotted or Double Underline.The Earning Results will be depended on the clicks & views on these Inline-Texts Ads

How To Integrate Infolinks Codes

Once your site is approved,Go back to your dashboard and Click on Intergrate Tab and choose your Platform,It means on which Platform like Blogger,Wordpress,Joomla,Drupal you want to show these ads.If you are WordPress user then no doubt you have to select WordPress tab else if you are user of blogger platform then select Blogger. make passive income online

Add Infolinks codes
In case if you have any Website Template than above mention Platform then Copy the Code and Edit your html Section for searching </body> .Just place the selected code before </body>

How Infolinks Shows On Your Website

It shows Ads with Inline-Text and as we already mention above “The links which targeted is different than the Natural Hyperlinks”. It May have Double underline and dotted appearance given on the Ads which helps the visitors to click/view it.
Infolinks shows

Can We Use Infolinks With Adsense

Many Webmasters & Bloggers even Confuses whether it will safe for Adsense when we will use some other advertising network along with it.Is Google will disable our Account when we Intergrate Infolinks Ads? So,the answer is “You are 100% Secured and Even you can use Infolinks with Adsense” there is no Issue or Violations of Adsense Policies.

How Much I Can Earn From Infolinks

This is the most awaited question which common to arise in your mind.Many Bloggers think Infolinks paying too low,Even One cannot make enough money or reach its threshold within a month.So,If you have such Questions then first of all we would like to show you the Infolinks Payment Reports.

Infolinks Payment Report-AltHowjpg
Still Many of you have doubt “Infolinks Only Pays Small Amounts not as much Higher like Adsense.
Is it …… ?? If “Yes” then Keep Calm for a while and Look at the Below Reports.
Note: Infolinks have minimum Payout of $50 for Publishers.Once you crossed this thresold amount then you can ask for the Payment & Mode is Paypal,Wire transfer Payoneer.

Finally What You Decided ??

Now We hope you got almost your all doubt answers,We are Using Infolinks since long time and the payment proof says everything.Again its no doubt-For making some huge money from Infolinks you should have per day Heavy traffic and with maximum percentage of visitors from USA,CANADA & UK.So,If you determined on “There is Also a Life ahead Adsense” then You can Join It.
If you have any doubt Regarding this article or having any Feedback then you can show your affection in below discussion box.Keep Blogging with Happy Earning
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