Best Internet Archive Wayback Machine Alternatives

Wayback machine alternative is a very popular term used mostly by people who own a website or are trying to work towards its maintenance.

Internet Archive Wayback machine alternative is often understood as a digital archive of the World Wide Web along with the other internet-based material produced by the Internet Archive, which is a well-known non-profitable organization.

Sites like the Wayback machine allow users access to archived digital content. This also works great for content that is not present on the source website. 

Wayback machine alternative can hold up to 10 billion web pages for which a total of 100 TB storage is required. 

The Wayback machine alternative also offers a nostalgic element. It works great for people who want to see how their websites looked in the past. There are preserved screenshots that can take you down memory lane. 

However, some elements of the old site may not show, but the variety and the wholeness of the website are obviously preserved. 

Sites like the Wayback Machine also have unique features. For instance, the Wayback machine alternative has a special feature that shows which sites were important in the past and it is called the Web Pioneer collection. 

Nowadays many people are using internet archive Wayback machine alternatives to access data that has been deleted. These provide some very important information to develop brand strategies that can be used in the current times.

So it can be concluded that websites like Wayback Machine allow us to access websites that do not work in the present, which helps us to understand the history of websites and it’s the development process. 

Now coming to the next most important question, what happens if the Wayback Machine website stops working? 

Well, no worries there are websites like Wayback machine that you can use.

Best Internet Archive Wayback Machine Alternatives

Though there are many sites like Wayback machine only the best have been selected for this list. Thus, if ever the is down, you can use any one of these sites like Wayback machine to get your work done. 

Archive. is

This is one of the best pimpandhost internet archives Wayback. You can take it as a time capsule of all the Web pages. This, like Wayback, stores screenshots of old websites even if they are not being used.

But, when it comes to the saved or archived pages it does not offer active elements or scripts. 

Though this is a very old alternative, people still like using it as it’s very user-friendly and offers smooth navigation.

Once reaching you will see two search bars. The first bar will help you search the content on a particular website while the second bar can be used to share and download screenshots. is yet another internet archive Wayback pimpandhost alternative. It has a lot of screenshots of achieved websites from different times.

Since this is a cached website alternative this website provides an authentic copy of how the website used to look in earlier times. Many a time, this website is called the time machine, and naturally, it has more than 250 million website screenshots!

Domain tools

DomainTools, yet another alternative to Wayback machine and has a hosting platform on WHOIS services. This assists an individual to find thorough information on a given website. 

Additionally, DomainTools also provides users with history-hosting and IP address records of the various websites. Plus it also offers additional screenshot-based archive services absolutely free of cost. That explains why this particular site made its way to this list. 


iTools is a little different from all the other Wayback machine alternatives we have discussed so far. This site provides complete information on all the sites on the web. But the best part is that iTools provides a complete analysis of the popularity and traffic analysis of a given website. 

One can also access the database of Alexa using this website. You can also make a competitor analysis of a given website using this tool.


You do not need any introduction to Alexa as this is one of the most popular websites in the current times. Owned by, Alexa provides the complete history of a given website along with browsing details. 

A user can gather crucial information related to the page ranking of a website, keyword research, and competitor analysis. 

Data about past activity, visits, and duration of stay can also be found. In addition to all these fascinating data, one can also find information about the domain, the age of the website, and the referring domains on Alexa. 


This particular alternative to the Wayback machine makes use of crawl technology like Google. One can make use of an automated process for the purpose of taking screenshots on PageFreezer. This particular functionality of PageFreezer helps one to extend the business. 

The key features of PageFreezer include legal evidence, live browsing facilities using a digital signature, the export of data, and the comparison of various web pages. 

Still Automatic Screenshots

As the name suggests, this is basically an automated screenshot device. This site allows a user to take daily screenshots of the different web pages. 

It also offers additional features such as trend tracing, compliance of various websites, tracking competitors, of course, SEO analysis and tracking. 

It is very easy to use. All the user needs to do is Archive and then capture the screenshots before sharing. Though this is similar to PageFreezer, it is a limited edition Wayback machine alternative.


If you want all business-oriented information for a given website, this alternative to the Wayback machine is for you to try. This given website is really user-friendly and functions as a search engine.

It makes way for the creation and one can use commands that are mapped on the web pages and web services. 

With all these sites like Wayback machine available to you, you never have to think about losing any information that is there on sites that are no more active! That gives more power to you!

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