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If you’ve ever had any experience with web hosts, you know that it’s not always easy to find a web host that is reliable enough to be able to run your web your website 100% of the time.

It sounds like something very crucial and vital to the operation of your web host and thus it should be very easy to find right? You will find that most web hosts guarantee 99.9% uptime but very few web hosts actually deliver.

Hosting raja’s official guarantee is 100% percent uptime, so you can be assured to basically never see your website down, otherwise, you can get your money back.

Furthermore, websites hosted on Hosting Raja are all very fast, and their customer support was very friendly, helpful, and fast at solving my issue.


Why choose us?


Our cutting edge website hosting services  are something that you would not have seen or experienced in the virtual world. We not only assure you of low price quotas but we also possess servers with lightning-fast speeds. We continuously care about our clients and the performance of their websites so we don’t ever cram our servers with a large number of clients and thus, it does not affect other clients’ website performance.

We strive to keep all of our servers up and running with high efficiency. Speed and the quality of our service is our number one priority. We strive to provide all of our clients with fast servers with virtually no downtime efficient assistance and a huge disk space & bandwidth all at a price that doesn’t hurt your budget.


Unlimited Bandwidth & Unlimited Disk Space


Now many start to ponder and try to visualize how we could post this bold offer. We outline our philosophy here on this page now. We want everyone to feel protected in knowing that this is a real and professional service we offer here. You would require attracting more visitors to your website by offering exciting features and content, like a flash, blogs, pictures, podcasts, etc.

Summing up these features will be a piece of cake with unlimited web hosting. An unlimited hosting account contains the ability to facilitate an endless amount of email accounts. Unlimited website hosting plans will be able to benefit you with a diverse range of features including Secure Server SSL certification, shopping carts and more. The benefits you reap from unlimited hosting as a business owner, you can make informed decisions that are suited best for your company’s growth. We will be forced to suspend your account ONLY when it is crashing our servers or if you ignore our attempts to contact you about a problem with your hosting.


Linux Unlimited Web Hosting from India


With Linux Unlimited hosting, you get limitless disk space. To evaluate if this is the right service for you or not, you need to make comparisons with its features and your business needs. Our flexible and affordable solutions make it possible to get the maximum out of the latest technologies while enjoying the many user-friendly features. Here are some best hosting raja alternatives like siteground Bluehost or Hostgator they provide same Linux hosting with highest up-time.

Windows Unlimited Web Hosting in India


Windows Unlimited Hosting Plan is the right choice for all websites. With capabilities like endless storage, limitless monthly transfers, ASP and cPanel assistance which are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of features available. Sell unlimited hosting to your clients, this is a perfect opportunity for webmasters, designers, and developers who want to make a larger cash-in from their clients.

There are no limitations so you are allowed to run .NET along with PHP on our Windows Servers. With the reputation of being a respectable Indian hosting company in the industry, our high-quality web hosting products and services continue to lift standards and security in the field of web hosting.

Our low-priced web hosting plans are suitable for websites of all scales. If you are looking for influential and flexible web hosting or advanced e-commerce web hosting without any barricades, then we are the company you should trust.

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