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On Google Search Results, on Google Images, and on other Google product channels, it is possible to publish and store photos and images that can be reached publicly by network users. Google reaches the images hosted on the web pages and traceable to the search terms that release the respective results. Google Images displays photos hosted in newspaper articles, social media, websites. To delete from Google photos, images and in general inappropriate content , you must first ask yourself if you want to remove a photo from Google or from the web, and if you know who has control of the page hosting the content. Google will most likely ask to contact the Webmasterof the page to send him a request to remove the content . Google, in fact, is not the owner of the websites that it reaches with its search engine, and the only action it can take is to guide the user towards the resolution of the problem, leaving the user himself the burden of Act. Deleting a photo from Google may mean: deleting a URL from Google, deleting information or personal data from Search Results, deleting photos published with a Google account.

To delete a URL from Google that contains a photo to be deleted from the search engine , it is necessary to follow the procedure of removing URL from Search Results and removing information from the web. In this case it is advisable to seek the assistance of a Webmaster or a user who has specific skills in finding the URLs to remove . Google requires meticulous and very demanding procedures when it comes to removing something from the search engine. A user who wants to delete a photo from Google is asking Google to remove a URL from Search Results or to “ban” inappropriate content, for various reasons (copyright infringement, adult content, illegal content, terrorism, other reasons) legal).

Some specific procedures may require the assistance of a lawyer who can produce the legal documentation and perform the procedure required by law. Other images can be removed by Google by sending a “feedback” present in the foot of the Search Results. Google would thus receive feedback from the user, who can use a reporting form for the photo or image to be removed. Keep in mind that it is advisable to try to contact, first of all, the Webmaster of the website hosting the photo, to ask him to remove it. Google will remove the photo once the Webmaster has deleted it from the page.

Some photos that want to be removed by Google can be hosted in the most popular social networks, such as Facebook Twitter , or Google Plus itself ( “Google+”). The latter allow users to initiate procedures for reporting inappropriate photos, which must be removed from the social networks themselves, which maintain control of the accounts and content published by their users. You can delete photos from Google Plus by logging in with a Gmail e-mail account, and using the tools made available to the account for managing content. When a Google Plus, Facebook, or Twitter user posts a photo, they can configure privacy and determine whether it is publicly reachable or not. It is recommended to prohibit the sharing of photos published on the internet, making sure that only your authorized contacts can view them. By deleting photos from your social media profiles, does not result in automatic deletion from Google Search Results. The user must perform the required procedure and take action on the removal of the photo he has published.

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