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Data recovery is a computer related term which describes the process of retrieving lost, corrupted or any data that had been deleted wrongly by the user from the hard disk of computer, removable drive. When the data is lost then the data cannot be accessible in the normal way a user access every data. Data recovery is required due to any physical damage of the hard disk or the memory storage device or any file got corrupted due to virus attack into the system of the user. The most common scenario in data recovery is that the data recovery software discovers the area from where the data need to be recovered and then it simply copies all those lost data and then move them to the new drive. There are many data recovery software and companies which will help you in data recovery.

Data recovery software for Pc: Discovering that one has lost its important data without even a single backup can stop one’s heart in tension for a few seconds. One need not take too much stress as there are many data recovery software which will help one to retrieve its lost data. Name of few best data recovery software are Recuva, Testdisk and PhotoRec, PC Inspector File recovery and many more.

Recuva: For the one who feels that one need a little help to use the software then for them, the wizard will be savior which make Recuva popular in the market. In software there are different types of data recovery scan that can found.e. Manual scan for a particular location and secondly full scan for data can be found in this software. The software only needs the correct source from where the software has been deleted and it looks through the pathway and there Recuva retrieve the data intact.

PC Inspector File Recovery: This software has the easiest user interface among many software and its popularity among the beginners. Through this software, data can be recovered by typing the keyword of the file name. This software retrieves your data from the hard disk if the hard disk is not even showing by the Operating system this software is the best software for any emergency situation. This software is so powerful that it can retrieve the lost partition in the hard disk of the computer.

One needs to learn the usage and the different properties of the software to have a smooth workflow while using the software.

Data Recovery from formatted SD card:

Recover Formatted SD Card: It is the process in which the SD card is prepared to store data into it. The format helps to remove all the existing data in the SD card and it assigns a new file system for the SD card. When anyone buys a new SD card the card is formatted previously and it is ready to use for the customer, but there are many situations in which the Sd card need to be formatted manually by the user when Virus corrupts file in Sd card or to fix any technical error in SD card. There are many software for Sd card data recovery EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is the most popular among the SD recovery software.

 EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard: This software helps to recover lost data from the formatted SD card. This software helps all types and level of user with is a great user interface. The software needs to know the File Source and File Format in which it was deleted from the particular drive. The software simple scan your external Sd card which need to done Data recovery from then it will find a list of all data that were there prior to the SD card format and then select the data which one desire to recover from the given list of data by the software.

These are the different data recovery software for both PC and Sd card which may help you in the near future.

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