How To Create Custom Paper Writing Service With WordPress

Student life is diverse and rapid. It’s an exciting time to broaden horizons as well as to meet, socialize and make exciting trips with friends. Furthermore, some ambitious students start making their first money while studying.

The most popular niche for setting up a student business is creating a paper writing service as a lot of students have been regular customers of such writing companies for a long time and know-how to manage it. Let’s find out how to develop a custom writing service with WordPress.

Why Choose WordPress and Where to Start?

Why Choose WordPress and Where to Start
Why Choose WordPress and Where to Start

WordPress is developed to allow creating a necessary website free and quickly because the platform code is publicly available, and programmers from all over the world are constantly improving it. Due to it, WordPress has thousands of topics and ready-made tools with additional functions.

Although using WordPress is free, you still need to invest some money in your website. You have to buy a domain and hosting to make your site available on the Internet.

A domain is the name of your site that visitors enter in the browser to get to the website. Hosting is a place where your site with smart writing service stored. Usually, a company provides you with a free month to use a hosting to make sure that everything works perfectly.

That should give you enough time to create a site on WordPress from scratch and prepare it for launch.

Get to Work in WordPress

  1. Click the “Client Panel” button in the upper right corner at the home page. Then, find the hosting in the list of products and click “Control Panel”.

  2. A new tab is created for the hosting control panel cPanel. Scroll down until you see “Softaculous Apps Installer” section below, and click “WordPress”. 

  3. Press the “Install Now” button on the opened page.

  4. The next page is about the WordPress installation details.  Edit only the primary fields. Find the “Admin Account” section and come up with a login and password. You will enter the site control panel with this data. 

  5. Scroll down the page and click “Install”. 

  6. Go to the WordPress control panel. Enter your domain in your browser and put it at the end /wp-admin. Enter the login and password that you just invented on the new page

Get to Work in WordPress

Customize Additional Functions 

WordPress is already installed, and you are about to pick up the background for your paper writing service site and fill it with appropriate content.

A theme is a template with a ready-made design of the site. While working on the site design, some elements can be changed.

It depends on the developer who has invented this theme what exactly can be changed. Usually, you can change the image of the banner and color, add a logo, create a menu, or remove unnecessary elements. Some themes are designed for online shops, others for landings, or news sites.

If you want to attract more clients searching for online college homework help to your writing service, you need to write engaging content. There are two types of content in WordPress: posts and pages.

Your site should have both of them to become successful. There are clear and detailed prompts on how to publish your content. Before publication, you can look at the post through the user’s eyes and edit it if you do not like something. 

The site development is time-consuming and takes too much energy to think about everything carefully to get the first clients who will ask, “Could you do my homework online?”. Along with written guidance, you might watch online videos from experts.

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