Shift To The Big Screen With The Best Screen Mirroring App

Just like we went from TV to phone, the new technology of screen mirroring is secretly trying to get us back to the television. Despite being in the market for quite some time now,  the technology hasn’t been able to pick up much but all you need is a smart TV paired with the best screen mirroring app on your phone to see everything on the large screen directly from your phone. 

Best Screen Mirroring App 

When you can take your PUBG battleground to your big screen while using your phone as your gaming console or can see your favorite Netflix show on Television straight through your phone then why won’t you?
If you have the option to amplify your experience without knowing rocket science then why won’t you do it? It’s only a matter of app that helps you take a leap from small to medium (PC) or Big Screen (Television).

There are a few phones, televisions, and laptops in the market where the device is equipped with the best screen mirroring app and thus updated with the feature. If you have recently bought a smart device, check your device if there the best mirroring app is already in-built. Why is it important to know?

There are different screen mirroring app for different devices. Not any phone mirroring app can be used in all devices there are two different lists for when it comes to phone mirroring app; number one is The Best Mirror App for Android and the second one is Best Mirror Apps for iPhone.

Best Mirror App For Android

Compatibility is one issue that needs to be taken care of before pairing up with the device and trying to screencast. When we discuss the best mirroring app or phone mirroring app, it is important to understand that there is no necessity that all phone mirroring apps will be compatible with all devices.
Thus, it becomes a requirement for specifying the Best Mirror App for Android. 

Best Mirror App For Android
Google Home
Team Viewer
Samsung Smart View
Chrome Remote Desktop
Mirroring 360
  • Google Home- One of the most trusted names in the list and can be straightaway claimed as the best mirror app for Android, Google Home is just not an app for screencasting but also has a lot of uses. With amazing reviews on this one, one can easily put their trust in Google.
  • Team Viewer– Another acclaimed phone mirroring app. Initially used for screen sharing in a team can now be used as a phone mirroring app to screencast on a larger device. Also due to its original purpose, it is one of the safest and most secure phone mirroring app. 
  • Samsung Smart View– Samsung Smart View is a phone mirroring app that lets you browse and binge watch any serial directly on your phone from your TV, without interrupting the Television. The app can be the best mirror app for Android, but only if you are one of the Samsung loyalists.
  • Chrome Remote Desktop– Chrome Remote Desktop is the best mirroring app for screencasting your PC on your Phone. Basically, with this screen mirroring app you can easily access your PC’s files, videos, and audios on your phone or tablet.
  • Mirroring 360- Mirroring 360 is a phone mirroring app that works like Shareyt. This app finds nearby devices with the app and pairs with them for screen sharing easily.

Best Mirror Apps For iPhone

Differentiating doesn’t mean that the listed apps under Best Mirror Apps for iPhone will not be compatible with Android, few of them might and few of them might face some issue while pairing. But being listed under this category assures the fact that the apps in the list hereunder are compatible with iPhone and are a perfect fit for screen sharing. 

Best Mirror Apps For iPhone
Reflector 2
VNC Viewer
AirServer Connect
Mirroring Assist
  • Reflector 2– Though it is being listed under the Best Mirror apps for iPhone, this app is compatible with Android and Windows as well. The reason why it is considered as one of the best mirroring apps is its ability to record while screencasting.
  • VNC Viewer– VNC Viewer is a password protected phone mirroring app that lets you get access and control your files in your PC both MAC and/or Windows on your phone. Again, compatible with both iPhone and Android. Its compatibility and security make it the best mirroring app.
  • AirServer Connect– AirServer Connect is the best screen mirroring app for it enables you to screencast your phone’s screen on your PC or Laptop by verifying your authenticity through a QR code. So it’s simple, fast and secured.
  • Mirroring Assist– Mirroring Assist is an extended app that is required with Mirroring 360, one of the best mirroring apps. Download the Mirroring 360 app on your PC and Mirroring Assist on your iPhone to screencast seamlessly on any device. Mirroring Assist and Mirroring 360 though works in Android devices but needs to be updated but it is considered one of the best mirror apps for iPhone. 
  • Chromecast– Chromecast enables you to use your smart device as a remote control for your Television and screencast Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and other web channels directly on your large Television screen which is available on mobile devices alone.

Free Screen Mirroring App

Most of the best screen mirroring apps under both the best mirror app for android and best mirror apps for iPhone listed are Free Screen Mirroring App. Yet under this adding to the list and with few repeats is a fresh new list with the best free screen mirroring app that can be used easily without any cost for seamless screencasting on any device.

Best Mirror Apps For iPhone
Microsoft Remote Desktop
Google Home
Team Viewer

Microsoft Remote Desktop– The best phone mirroring app yet free is Microsoft Remote Desktop that enables you to access your Microsoft desktop on your Android or iPhone with a unique and commendable feature of multi-touch.

Google Home Comes For Free But Not ChromeCast– Google home from the house of Google is a free app, unlike Google cast that allows you to screencast even without Chromecast but with limitations.

Team Viewer Free For Individual Use– Team Viewer if used for personal use is free but if used for commercial or business purpose becomes paid. Multi-Screens can’t be done for free. Team viewer as per the name suggests is an excellent tool for team meetings that allows screen sharing required in remote team meetings but can easily be used for a personal phone to Desktop screencasting, doesn’t require any fee.

AnyDesk– AnyDesk suggestive towards its compatibility with all devices. What the name doesn’t tell you is about its secret key exchange technology that allows extreme protection while screen sharing. The best screen mirroring app which is fast, easy, secure and compatible. What else is required to be the best? If not AnyDesk then who?

Summarising Screen Mirroring 

Screen Mirroring is an updated technology that allows you to live broadcast the media that you are viewing on your phone on a larger screen that could be your laptop or a TV screen in your living room. From photos, videos, audios to Netflix, and other subscription packages.

To be able to successfully screencast, both the devices should meet few requirements like both the devices that is your mobile phone and the Television or if it’s your laptop or PC that you are planning to connect with must have the feature screen mirroring either inbuilt or added without which it is not possible to screencast.
It is also necessary to check with the settings of both phone and TV to make sure that pairing and screen sharing happens smoothly. 

For other laptops and phones, if there isn’t any inbuilt feature then it’s time to get an app on your phone, to enable screen sharing. At times there can be a need for casting devices such as Mira Devices, Amazon Fire Stick or Chromecast that helps in easy and fast screencasting along with better broadcasting to be paired up with the phone mirroring app to experience screen mirroring on your television screen from your android or iOS mobile phone. 

The list of Best Screen Mirroring App enables you to play your favorite game on a large screen,  you don’t have to wait for a long time, just pair and start playing or watching your favorite shows on a larger screen and enjoy with a tub of popcorn. 

While screen mirroring on a television set through a phone is done mostly for entertainment purposes, screen mirroring is also done on laptops for both entertainment and work purposes.
That’s the reason why you will find so many types of Best Screen Mirroring Apps that not just have compatibility issues but features and high security. 

These apps even though are created for a more specific purpose, but basic screen sharing is the functionality that all screen sharing apps are built on. 

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