10+ Best Lie Detector Apps For Android and IOS

It is very difficult to guess if a person is telling a truth or a blatant lie. Many a time we often confuse the truth for a lie and vice Versa. There is no need to highlight the trouble that assures due by this misconception. 

What can be the ideal thing to do in this situation do you feel? Will you try to convince someone, to tell the truth, all the time? Why do you think they will listen to you anyhow? They will not. So the next thing that you can do is get your hands on a few lie detector apps!

Yes, there are quite a few available for Android and iOS devices. Planning to use them? Here are a few apps that you can use:

Truth and Lie Detector Scanner Test

This is one of the best lie-detector apps for android and iOS devices. Using this you can easily say if someone is lying to you. Usage is very smooth and can be used by any smartphone user. All you need to do is download the app and get started. 

Lie Detector Face Test Prank

This is yet another popular lie-detector app for Android and iOS devices. This one is a fee-talking app that tests the face to detect a lie or truth. It is a very funny app that you can use to upload photos of your friend and family and prank them!

Lie Detector Simulator

Using this app you can catch anyone lying to you. The app is free, easy to use, and has amazing sound effects which make its use all the more interesting. However, this app is only for fun, so you cant probably use it to catch your cheating boyfriend. Place your finger on the app and the result will tell you whether one is telling the truth or lying. 

Lie Detector

best lie detector app

This is another fingerprint scanner app for Android and iOS users. However, this too is a prank app and shows the result after scanning the fingerprint. It is advisable not to take the results of this app seriously. You don’t want to fight with your friend over the results published by an entertainment app. 

BioDigital Lie Detector

This app is only available for iOS users. The installation process is really easy and you can use it to get the truth or lie out of a person. This app uses a voice recognition system and displays the voice level algorithm on the phone screen. Thus using this app it will be easy for you to determine whether or not a person is telling the truth. 

Lie Detector App That Really Works

Of course, government institutions and secret services make use of the high-end lie-detection app, but when it comes to commoners like us, we have to make do with the apps available in the app stores. 

It is true that some of these apps actually work, but creators are prompted to add a disclaimer that says that the apps should not be taken seriously. 

So if you are looking for an authentic lie-detection app, you will have to search longer. There are not many options available. But below are the two best possible options in the market:


Though the creators of this app don’t fail to mention that is just a “fun” app. It is ideal if you wish to uncover certain truths. 

Advanced Lie Detector Plus

This app makes use of a voice algorithm to detect a lie. Though many of us don’t know it, when we lie our voice pattern changes, and this app detects that variation. 

Real Lie Detector App

best lie detector app

Truth and Lie Detector Scanner

This app is just customized for iOS users and can be used to find out if a person is telling the truth or not. This is a free app that anyone can use on their iOS devices and it’s super easy to use. You do not need to register for any payment portal to use this app. This is an amazing prank app that you can use on your friends and family. 

Lie Detector Prank

Though this is a comparatively new app in this genre, it can be used to detect the truth or lie. The cool feature of the app helps the users to discover if someone is playing foul. Be it, friends or family, nothing will be hidden from you. However, before you start using this app, you have to know the truth yourself to decide if someone is playing it the wrong way. 


This app is ideal for iOS users and it can be used to unearth lies based on a face-reading application. You can also use your smartphone camera to find out 3D mapping of the face which can tell the user if the other person is lying. This unique feature makes this app very appealing and it can be used with friends. 

Voice Lie Detector

Though Voice Lie Detector is a new app it has already become quite popular among iOS ad Android users. Developed by ExaMobile S.A., this app is ideal for both Android and iOS devices. As the name suggests, the app reads the voice graph to understand if a person is lying. 

In this world of technology, there seems to be no escape. As it has become a difficult world for the truthful, it has become even more tormenting for the liars. So why lie when there are apps available on phones which can unveil you? 

Eventually, you will be exposed and your cause will be lost. But of course, there always will be people who will keep on lying on a daily basis. For such people, the Polygraph app and true or lie detector apps are just ideal. 

Say no to falsehood and yes to happiness! 

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