3 Prank Apps to Download In 2020

While playing the odd practical joke on your buddies probably isn’t a big deal, if you consistently prank strangers, you could be on the wrong side of the law quicker than you realize.

All it takes is a careless exposed caller ID during a random prank Dial to give away your personal details, like your address. So how do you continue to be mischievous in 2020? The answer is Prank Apps. 

What is a prank app? This type of app lets you play pranks straight from your smartphone, so you can enjoy the convenience and extra features that smartphone technology provides.

Below is a list of prank apps that have been stand-out in 2020, so let’s start!


Prank calls have never been my specialty. Whether I burst out laughing or begin to mumble over my words, I always manage to ruin even the easiest of prank calls. 

As mentioned previously, fewer people are making prank calls, mainly due to the risks involved when doing one. The OwnagePranks prank Dial app is perfect for the prankster who wants to remain anonymous, as it provides over 100 prerecordings automated to trick your friends for you.

Each prerecorded call contains a different scenario in the app, whether it’s a hacker politely asking for your Wifi password or a work colleague accusing you of blowing the toilet at work. Its diverse selection lets users find the perfect prank for their target in mind.

After choosing your preferred prank script, simply phone a friend, and let the prerecording play automatically. 

After you’ve had your fun listening in the background, you can listen again or even share with friends since all calls are recorded. If you’re feeling particularly confident that your prank call could go viral, submit your best reactions to the Pranks Hall of Fame on the OwnagePranks website. 

Main Features

  • Contains over 100 prerecorded calls with different prank scenarios
  • Calls are recorded after your prank call has ended
  • Submit your best prank calls to the OwnagePranks online community 

Scare Your Friends- JOKE!

An excellent prank app to scare your friends and family with, for this practical joke to perform at it’s best, you’ll need to discreetly install the app onto their phone. 

Using the app is relatively straight-forward. After installing, you’ll have access to a gallery full of scary images and sounds. Choose your best duo, and select the exact time you want them to show up on their phone. Pictures include a Scary clown, Angry Rat, and Stretched Face. For sounds, ‘Exorcist sound’ is a popular choice. 

It’s fantastic because the prank will commence regardless of what activity is being done on the phone, from sending emails to checking social media. Before your chosen image and sound appears, you’ll be able to test run your favorites to see which ones are best for your friend.

Since reactions tend to be sudden and unpredictable, make sure to record the scene so you can show them afterward. 

Main features

  • Selection of sounds and images in their gallery
  • Choose the time you want chosen sound and image to appear on the phone
  • Use friend’s phone for best results

Lie Detector Face Test Simulator Prank

Do you have an honest friend who’s a straight shooter and wouldn’t lie to your face? Like the title suggests, this lie detector lets users do a lie detector test to see whether your friends are lying or, indeed, telling the truth.

However, unlike a legitimate lie detector test, the results are entirely up to you. After your friend answers each question, you can discreetly choose whether it’s a truth or lie by pressing the volume button on the side of the phone. 

What significantly distinguishes this prank app from many similar one’s downloadable today is that your friend isn’t required to be physically next to you when playing. Instead, all that’s needed is a picture of their face, which can be sent online to your phone. 

To play the prank is easy. Ask your question and once you have an answer, proceed to scan the participant’s face with your phone. And as mentioned earlier, whether their answer is a truth or lie is up to you. 

Main Features

  • A lie detector app that lets you control the test outcome to each question
  • Scan your friends face when together or receive a picture online from the phone to scan
  • Use the volume control to control ‘Truth or Lie’ answers

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