10 very easy tips to carry out to optimize your web page

optimize your web page > As you know optimizing a website is main part of bloggers and they need a good research on it than the can Optimizing their  web page so that it appears in the first positions of the search engines is something that we all know that we must do yes or yes. But knowing that we must do it is not the same as knowing how to do it.

optimize your web page, Who needs SEO and why do i need search engine optimization for my website
optimize your web page, Who needs SEO and why do i need search engine optimization for my website

That’s why today we bring you 10 tips to optimize the SEO of your website to position better in search engines. These are 10 very simple and easy to do tips – and probably many of you do – that will increase the positioning of your websites and blog articles. Word of child Jesus.

10 very easy tips to carry out to optimize your web page


  1. Keyword in the title – the title of your article or your web page must contain at least one of your keywords.


  1. Hook on the title – place a word that engages the audience, like “best, guide, tips, buy, how it is done, Top10 …”. Be rich in adjectives and search for synonyms.


  1. The first 150 words – Google gives more importance to the first 150 words of your text, so make sure that your keywords appear and explain, in brief, exactly what your article is about.


  1. External links – you have to try to get links from external web pages that direct to our own web or blog. As more important are the pages that link us, more impact will have our articles in Google’s eyes.
  2. Multimedia – enrich your texts with multimedia files, as they make the content more attractive for your reader and increase your time of stay in your web page.
  3. Descriptive and brief URLs – make your URSs rich in content: incorporate at least one of your keywords and have between 3 and 6 words (least possible but describe the content and contain your keyword).
  4. Upload speed – try to make your website take no more than 3 seconds to load, since if it takes longer, Google recognizes the page as poor, and does not position it as well
  5. Social Media – gives the user the opportunity to share your content. This is not a direct factor that affects the SEO of your website, but it will make your page have more impact and many more visits from interested users.
  6. Optimized images – Google also crawls your images, so it is best to describe them – with keywords – in the Title and Alt tags.


  1. Metadata – Create a summary of the content of your web page or article and make sure that at least one of your keywords appears. This description will appear under the title of your page in search engines – what your audience will see first and what will make them decide whether to enter your website or not.one more thing don’t try to use any free content re writer tool that will not help at all.

What do you think of these simple ways to increase your search engine positioning by optimizing the SEO on page of your website? What more tips would you give us to optimize a website? Leave us your comment below that we love to read.

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