Youtube: YouTube You’re Offline Check Your Connection – 9 Fixes

I was so confused when I saw the error message “Connect to the internet” and YouTube says that you’re offline and to check your connection. But then I figured it’s likely because of a problem with your internet connection or software.

I must say errors like these, YouTube connection error, YouTube keeps switching to light mode, and Elden ring connection error can directly impact users’ experience. YouTube is one of the most popular sites for streaming videos, and it has millions of videos from all kinds of styles. It isn’t perfect, and it still has bugs and glitches from time to time.

What Causes This Error?

Mostly, problems with connecting to the Internet are to blame. The following are some other common reasons:

  • YouTube’s servers are having trouble.
  • A VPN or proxy blocks the connection.
  • Data in your browser or cache is broken.

How To Fix This?

youtube youre offline check your connection

Check If YouTube Isn’t Working.

The first thing you need to do is check to see if YouTube itself is working properly or not. There have been times when Google’s services have been down in different parts of the world for different reasons.

Leave YouTube By Signing Out.

One other possible quick fix for the “YouTube, you’re offline, check your connection” error is to sign out of YouTube. By signing out of your YouTube account, you can fix any problems with your account that might be causing the “Check your connection” error.

Reboot Your Router.

More problems can be fixed by turning off and on your network equipment than you might think. Most of the time, connection problems are caused by a bug in your router, which can be fixed by restarting it.

Use A Wired Connection To The Internet.

You almost always get a faster download speed when you use a wired connection (Ethernet) instead of Wi-Fi. Wired connections send data faster and with less interference than wireless connections. Fewer things can affect how well the connection works. Wi-Fi connections tend to be slower and take longer to respond.

Your internet connection can be hurt by how far away your streaming device is and by walls, floors, and ceilings. This can lead to YouTube internet connection errors.

Disable VPN

Some other thing that could be wrong is that you are using a VPN. Due to content copyright issues, many streaming services have geo-restrictions, and using a VPN can cause problems with how they work and what they let you watch.

Turn Off Your Ad-Blocking Software.

It would help if you also remembered that online streaming services like YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video don’t work with adblockers that try to stop you from seeing ads on those services. Sometimes, sites won’t load on your browser unless you turn off your adblocker.

Check The Date, Time, And Location.

The wrong date, time, and region on your computer can cause problems with almost any site, including YouTube. If you can connect to the Internet, these settings are already right, but you should still double-check them.

Step 1:

 Press the Windows key + I to open the windows settings.

Step 2:

 Look for where you can set the date and time. Click on the option that comes up in the dropdown menu.

Step 3: 

Make sure these settings match the time, date, and location where you are now. We recommend turning on the slider that says “Set time automatically.”

Delete All Cookies, Cache, And History From Your Browser.

youtube youre offline check your connection

Most of the time, websites don’t work as they should because cache, cookies, or browser data are broken. Here’s how to clear out your Chrome or Edge browser’s history.

Step 1: 

In your browser’s address bar, type chrome:/settings/clearBrowserData and press Enter.

Step 2: 

Choose “Cache and cookies” and make sure “Time range” is set to “All time.” Click the “Clear now” button to get rid of everything.

Try A Different DNS.

youtube youre offline check your connection

You can fix this problem with several free DNS providers. We’ll use Google’s DNS (Domain Name System) in this example.

Step 1:

 Press the Windows key + I to open the windows settings, then click on Network & Internet.

Step 2:

 Click Change adaptor options.

Step 3: 

Right-click your active network (Wi-Fi or LAN) and click Properties.

Step 4:

 In the list, click on Internet Protocol Version 4, then click Properties.

Step 5: 

Look at Use the radio button labelled “Use the following DNS server addresses,” and then type and into the “preferred” and “alternative” DNS addresses, respectively.

Change Your Browser.

youtube youre offline check your connection

If your app or browser is outdated, you might not be able to visit certain websites. Try getting the latest versions of your browser and app to see if that fixes the problem. Make sure you’re using the most recent version of Chrome by going to chrome:/settings/help. If you aren’t, you should update right away and try again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why Is YouTube Saying I’m Not Connected To The Internet?
Ans. Make sure your phone isn’t set to “aeroplane mode.” Join Wi-Fi, LTE, or 3G networks. You may see an error message on your device when YouTube can’t do what you asked it to do. There are a lot of things that can cause error messages. Many of the problems can’t be fixed by YouTube, like if your Internet connection is slow or your device doesn’t have enough memory.

Q2. Why Does My Computer keep Telling Me I’m Offline?
Ans. If your computer’s date and time settings are wrong, it might look like it is not online. Set your computer’s clock to today’s date and time to fix this problem. On a Windows PC, double-click the clock icon in the Taskbar and select Change date and time settings.

Q3. How To Clear The YouTube Cache?
Ans. Clearing the YouTube cache is easy if you use the YouTube app on an Android device. Open the Settings app on your phone and tap Apps. Tap See all apps if you need to, then tap YouTube. Then tap Storage & cache and then Clear cache.

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