Why should you choose Knowledge Broker Blueprint?

Being with someone who allows you to improve the game.” This is precisely what you will do by registering for a “Knowledge Broker Blueprint (KBB).” 

If two visionary pioneers combine together to develop new goods, it is obvious that maybe something special is about to unfold.

Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi conduct the most prominent online courses in history with over 60 years of expertise, establishing their place globally. 

A total of 250,000 individuals watched the live broadcast, and therefore, more than 17,000 people showed up in their show.

Before we start, it is worth mentioning that this plan is called the “Knowledge Business Blueprint” in 2019. 

Here is an in-depth review of the KBB (Knowledge Broker Blueprint) by Tony Robbin.

Who is behind the Knowledge Broker Blueprint (KBB)?

Tony Robbins

Tony is America’s most popular business and life strategist. He is a public speaker and philanthropist. He will lead business leaders and tycoons around the world and sell what he says. 

He is an author who has published a few of the best-selling masterpieces worldwide. He also owns 40 companies and has consolidated annual sales of more than $5 billion.

Dean Graziosi

Like Tony, Dean Graziosi also had a humble beginning. However, he continued to create a million-dollar real estate business. 

He is one of the authors of the bestselling books of The New York Times. His business has generated more than a billion dollars in revenue.

What is The Knowledge Broker Blueprint (KBB)?

The Knowledge Broker blueprint (KBB) concept is that everybody is a professional in a particular area. By retrieving this knowledge, you can turn this expertise into a commercially viable commodity. 

This course gives you the encouragement you need to exchange your expertise with others. Here is a step-by-step procedure to help you gather what you realize and spread it across the globe and influence everyone.

KBB is a roadmap for your marketing strategy that can help you create and organize profitable and impactful planning events either face to face or online.

The course is divided into modules, techniques, and training. The learning time for video tutorials is usually between 7 and 30 minutes. 

Also, at the end of each lesson, there are many downloadable materials, exercises, and quizzes. Also, there is a secret Facebook community in full control of the Knowledge Broker Blueprint (KBB).

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4 main modules of Knowledge Broker Blueprint (KBB)

Extraction (module 1)

The extraction module starts with the involvement of the thought processes of Tony Robbins and the extensive mentoring required to succeed. 

⦁ How to identify knowledge: Bring out the unique superpowers.
⦁ Define the perfect customer.
⦁ The art of storytelling and a teaching framework for planners.
⦁ A toolkit full of innovative exercises.
⦁ How to create the first master plan.

Fill It Out (module 2)

The Fill It Out module covers the marketing strategies required to complete the Mastermind along with how to effectively share your knowledge. It teaches you how to get individuals curious about the strategy and engage in it and earn significant revenue from that.

With Dean’s video training and special courses taught by the experts on his team, the methods include:

⦁ How to become a marketing expert.
⦁ Create your first landing page and sales channel.
⦁ His team carries out specialized training in the field of social media advertising campaigns as well as email and affiliate marketing strategies.
⦁ Create the perfect order page and the ideal request page.
⦁ Spread the secret.

Run it (module 3)

Its release covers all the courses and strategies necessary to run Mastermind successfully. Whether you are planning face to face, a virtual planner, or a combination of the two. This module includes:

⦁ Perfect Mastermind formula.
⦁ The ideal setting for face-to-face activities.
⦁ Outline and checklist of virtual events.
⦁ How to prepare for a plan, including a list of all the necessary items.
⦁ Introducing MindMint, this software simplifies the entire incident management process.

Knowledge Broker (module 4)

This course is for you if you sit and think, ‘I’m not a professional.’ It will instruct you what it means to be a dealer of knowledge and obtain meaningful data from renowned experts, how to get the commitment of these experts, and the right foundation of business success.

In this module, you will learn to:

⦁ Work as a knowledge broker and provide planning services to others.
⦁ Find an expert to turn you into a knowledge broker.
⦁ Build a successful business by laying the right foundations.

What is MindMint?

Mindmint is software that can be accessed on KBB. It is custom-designed by ClickFunnels founder Russell Brunson and his team to help you create and manage planning teams around the world.

How does MindMint work?

Mindmint can optimize the feasibility of establishing and maintaining planners by directing you through the complete system. You can create travel plans, store information about the coach or speaker, information about the participants, location, etc.

MindMint can also help you create sales channels so that you can sell planners to your audience. Everything from the login page to the application page to the sales page can be built in MindMint.

The Knowledge Broker Blueprint (KBB): Who is it for?

The Knowledge Broker Blueprint (KBB) is designed for anyone who wants to use their knowledge to make a profit while influencing others’ lives.

Whether you are a new entrepreneur or a mature entrepreneur, you can use the planner if you want to share your knowledge with others.

Even if you really are uncertain of your knowledge, the Knowledge Broker Blueprint (KBB) can help you find them, plan them, and share them with the individuals you would like to support. It will then help you complete and run your planner.

Mindmint software will help you organize each stage of an event that takes place with the planner.

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The Knowledge Broker Blueprint (KBB) Cost

The course and Mindmint program for the Knowledge Broker Blueprint (KBB) would range about $2,500 in 2021.

Why would you prefer to participate in the training course called Knowledge Broker Blueprint (KBB)?

This course is among the best financial modules in the industry for several causes:

⦁ This training is simple to comprehend. 
⦁ KBB shows how to use existing knowledge and skills.
⦁ The course covers proven marketing strategies to help you meet your needs.
⦁ More than 60 years of extensive experience have led to this course. You literally cannot learn from more qualified people.
⦁ The Knowledge Broker Blueprint (KBB) has quickly become the best plan for people looking to benefit from their knowledge.


The amount of knowledge shared and the quality of the training videos are insane! Whatever your niche or passion, this course can help you succeed.

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