Why Does Youtube Keep Switching To The Light Mode? [Complete Guide]

I was looking for the solution to why YouTube Keeps switching to the light mode despite setting it to the dark mode. The main reason for this issue is a bug that causes the newly saved data to reset to the old one. 

However, the data contains several settings, which include language, appearance, video preference, etc. Well, I was looking for the best solution and I was astounded that many people are looking for a solution to this issue. 

You may have also noticed that YouTube changes the settings to the default language also when you try to change them. Well, there is nothing to worry about because we found the solution to fix this issue and you don’t need to worry about these things. 

What is the reason YouTube keeps resetting to light mode?

why does youtube keep switching to light mode

You might have noticed that YouTube reset the settings to light mode even after resetting to dark mode. Very few people notice such things. Apart from settings to the light mode, YouTube also converts the saved data into old data. Most people face this issue when they reboot their device or open a new tab simultaneously. 

There are several reasons for this issue, you might be using an outdated browser version. YouTube bots crawl your browser and if it is outdated, they must reset all the settings. 

Moreover, if you have not enabled JavaScript in your browser then you may face such issues very frequently  

The corrupted browser data, extensions, and internet connection issues are also the reason for this error. While resolving such issues, we have seen many people asking about how to charge a vuse without a charger. 

So, you just need to enter the red wire into the middle hole of vuse and the black wire in the left hole. Now just use any power source such as a USB cable to connect to your computer. 

Between all, let us know about the best fixes to solve this YouTube issue of switching to the light mode. 

How to fix youtube keep switching to light mode

Due to some bugs, the freshly stored data on YouTube returns to the old one and YouTube gets back to light mode even after setting it to dark mode. 

Unquestionably it has a massive impact on the browsers you use. Confused, what steps should I take? Well, don’t worry, we are providing you with some effective fixes that you can try and get rid of this problem permanently. 

Delete all saved data from YouTube

why does youtube keep switching to light mode

You need to delete all the data saved on YouTube. How you will do this? Just tap on the lock symbol beside the URL and tap on Site settings. 

Now just tap on the Clear Data option and then again tap on Clear to remove all the saved data. Then you need to enable Dark Mode by tapping on your profile icon and then tap on General Settings. There, you will get an option for appearance, just tap on it and enable Dark Mode. 

That’s it, now you will see that the Dark Mode is enabled and you can use it without any hassles. 

Disable Browser Extensions

why does youtube keep switching to light mode

Sometimes the problem also arises because of browser extensions. It can cause issues with local website settings. In such a case, you need to disable browser extensions from Chrome. 

To disable the browser extensions, you need to open Browser Extensions and disable them by dragging and sliding. Now just open YouTube and check whether it is working it not. 

Then just add the required extensions one by one and get the perfect solution to this issue. 

Update your Browser

why does youtube keep switching to light mode

You need to ensure that you are using the latest version of the browser to prevent YouTube to get switched to light mode. What you need to do is to check whether you are using the latest version of the browser. If not, then update it from Google Play Store or Apple Store. 

To check the version of Chrome, you need to tap on the Help button and tap on About Chrome to check its current version. 

Then just check YouTube on a different browser and ensure that the issue completely persists. 

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Make sure your account is Signed in

why does youtube keep switching to light mode

Well, if you are going with the dark mode, it will switch into light mode automatically if you logged out from Google. That’s why if you are not placing any request for light mode, you need to check that you are logged into your account. 

Your account should remain active all the time to prevent such issues. Still, if you want to log out then you can do it with a browser extension, which will never let you shift to light mode again. 

So, these are the best fixes that you can try to avoid entering into the light mode again. Try these fixes and we will be waiting for your feedback. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to switch YouTube to Dark Mode?

Ans. To switch YouTube to Dark mode, you just need to tap on your profile picture and then go with the Appearance option. Now you have to click on the Dark theme to switch YouTube to Dark mode. 

Q2. How do I set YouTube to dark mode permanently?

Ans. To set Dark mode permanently on YouTube, you need to make sure to use the latest version of the Browser. 

Q3. How do I turn off YouTube’s adaptive brightness?

Ans. To turn off YouTube’s adaptive brightness, you need to download a third-party app such as Touch Control, which allows you to low down the brightness by customizing some basic changes.

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