Ways to Find Great Images for your Blog Posts Quickly and Effectively

As any WordPress blogger knows, most experts endorse adding images to blog posts to make them more engrossing to readers, increase trust and authority, and increase overall interaction with your content. To get attention in this huge space, you will need all available visual aids.

There are many things to keep in mind when using images on a blog, and we will refer to them all photo editor .

How do Images work their Magic on your Blog Post?

Images are a great way to create a fine first impact approximately your post. When your post is visually imprudent and lacks emotions, a whole lot of site visitors will simply go away from your internet site without analyzing a word. Visually appealing posts have greater possibilities to create an emotional reference to readers. They appear friendlier and greater inviting to act.

You cannot stop using images in marketing. According to a study by Ipsos, 71% of Internet users share content online, and 43% of them share pictures. In other words, images are the most common part of online content.

In addition to being used as illustrations, images are a great way to attract readers, explain the advantages of your product, and make your website more convincing.

How to Find Perfect Images for Your Blog?

We are often asked how to find good free images? What is the best place to find free images for your WordPress site? It’s no surprise that marketers spend a lot of time searching for the perfect image that meets their content marketing needs. 

This guide will help demystify the image search process and provide some useful resources to help you find, select and use ideal images to improve your blog and content marketing strategy.

  • Stock Photo Agencies

Stock photo agencies are one of the most reliable options. The most reputable online stock photography agency has millions of images to choose from, usually in HD or higher quality.

These images need to be paid, but the company offers very competitive prices on a small budget, ranging from $1 to $15 per download, and even less than $1 per purchase. Some of the photo stock sites include.

  • Bigstock by Shutterstock

Bigstock claims to have more than 17 million images. To find the photo there, start with one of the main categories listed in the footer of the homepage, or use the search box on the website to find the perfect picture. 

Bigstock is a considerable photo finder site that includes an auto-completion feature that allows you to optimize your search instantly. You can also use the filters on the page to exclude some keywords, add new keywords, select the image type (photo, illustration, or vector), and optimize by category. Filter out photos for editorial or non-editing purposes, or if you need model posting.

  • Unsplash

Unsplash is a very well-known source of free blog images today, but we use the site less by default. By default, when you switch to Unsplash, you will be taken to their featured gallery; these are the photos everyone uses on their website, which eventually causes some photos to flood the web.

  • iStockPhoto 

 It has customizable subscription plans and credit packages (prepaid to save money). One of the reasons to use iStockPhoto to find royalty-free pictures is that it has one of the largest filtering areas you would have ever seen, so it is easy to find the perfect picture.

You can optimize specific collections, editing choices, website uploads (instead of photos from other stock photography sites), and even choose to show your photos to others.

Using Image Search Tools

If you don’t have a margin on your price range for pics, or in case you want to save that expense, you are already thinking of getting free photos for WordPress. That’s truly not an unusual place for a novice’s approach.

There are certain trustworthy sources to find images free of cost online or from the general public domain. Creative Commons (specifically CC Version 3) is best for free weblog pics.

  • ReverseImageSearch

This image search tool is a great option when going for searching images on the web. You just have to enter the keyword or upload the image, and the tool will retrieve all the relevant results to that image and show them on your screen in a matter of seconds. This search by image tool retrieves data from big search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex to bring up the best possible image results.

  • Google Search by Image

Google Images is another image finder to find Creative Commons images. It has many useful features of picture search that make it a useful tool. 

This is a great way to search multiple Creative Commons fonts at once. Please note that not all images you find using this method are available for free. Always check the license of each picture and be careful not to violate any copyright laws. 


With this guide, it is easy to find the perfect picture for your blog through an image finder. It is recommended to choose a website with a large number of filtering options and frequent updates to keep your visual presence fresh.

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