How To Verify Blogger/Blogspot Blog On Pinterest

Do you want to get a free Dofollow Backlink from Pinterest? If yes, just verify your blogger blog to Pinterest profile. Pinterest has recently introduced a functionality that allow you to verify a website. To verify a blog/website on Pinterest you need to verify the ownership of your blogger blog in your Pinterest profile. Today I am going to describe how to verify your Blogger blog on Pinterest and How you can get a Dofollow backlink.

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Why you should verify your blog on Pinterest?

As you know very well, interest is among the best social networking site. Interest is a high PR website, So if there is a chance to getting a Dofollow backlink from here, you must grab it. No doubt this backlink from Pinterest would be precious.

Pinterest is currently allowing user to verify their domain only by Uploading HTML file in Website. Since, as we know Blogger blog is hosted on its own server, So User have no permission to uploading any file in Blogger. Don’t worry, I have a trick for you to verify a blogger blog by adding Meta Tag verification. Here is how you can verified your Blogger/Blogspot blog to Pinterest.

If you have a blog on blogger and you want to get your blog verified on Pinterest, follow the steps given below.

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How to Verify Blogger Blog on Pinterest?

To verify a website on Pinterest a person must have an account on Pinterest. If you don’t have Pinterest account yet, go and get a new account for you. Now follow the given instruction to verify blogger blog on pinterest.

Step 1. Go to and Login into your Account.

Step 2. On the right side Mouse Hover on your Name and Select Settings.

Verify blogger on pinterest
Verify blogger on pinterest

 Step 3. Now scroll down to a Text Field named as “Website”.
How to verify blogger blog on Pinterest

Step 4. Type you website URL here and Click on “Verify Website” button.

“May be There will not be option of Verify Website in your Pinterest profile. Don’t worry just click on save button. Now click here to Verify blogger blog to Pinterest <LINK>.”

Step 5. Once you click on verify website, you will be redirect to a new page. Now this will ask you to Verify your Website through an HTML file.

Step 6. Download this HTML File and Open it in Wordpad.

How to verify blog on Pinterest

Step 7. Copy the Meta Tag from the code like above in the Picture.

Step 8. Go to Blogger Dashboard>>Blog>>Template>>Edit HTML and Find this code <head>.

Step 9. Paste the code you have copied from download file here and Click on Save Template.

Step 10. Go to Blogger>>Blog>>Setting>>Search preferences>> Click Custom Redirects edit under Errors and redirections.

Step 11. Click on New Redirect and put your Pinterest file name in From Tab.

Step 12. Put just only “/” in To Tab.

Check the picture below.

Verify your blog on pinterest
Verify your blog on pinterest

Step 13. No go again here <LINK> and in the Third step click on Verify.

Step 14. Cheers! You have done. Now your profile will looks like this.

Verify site on pinterest
Verify site on pinterest

Hope you will like this hack, If still you have any doubt feel free to drop via comment box below.

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