How to use keyboard’s shortcut keys

Now-a-days everyone is using computer or laptop. But you use it for watching videos, listening music or any other entertainment purpose, and those who are professional, do all their work in it with great ease. But even if you do not have much knowledge about the computer, you can still make yourself a computer expert. For this, you need to know the basics function of the computer. Let’s know How to use keyboard’s shortcut keys? in this article.

How to use keyboard’s shortcut keys

How can you use keyboard shortcut key in your computer system? This increases the speed of your typing or other work. But for this, you should know which need you are combining with another. If you’re doing a lot of work in your computer like to write something or moving data, then you need to know right keys. Otherwise you’ll take much time to do that work.

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How to use keyboard’s shortcut keys

But if you use shortcut keys with your keyboard, then you will done your work very quickly. Because while doing writing work, you also need to copy or paste some content. In that time if you use keyboard’s shortcut keys instead of mouse then you’ll save lots of time. Apart from this, if you used any action and wants to undo that action then you can also do it with the help of Keyboard’s shortcut keys. Below i write some common used keyboard’s shortcut keys. You can also checkout HOW TO MAKE THE KEYBOARD EASIER TO USE IN WINDOW 7

computer keyboard shortcuts and windows shortcut keys

  • F1

If you need help in computer then you need to press F1 for this, you will get help option.

  • F2

If a lots of folders are saved in your computer but sometimes you need to rename them. For this you have to select the folder, then press F2 key. Your folder will be Rename.

  • F3

If you want to search for a file from your computer, then press f3 key from your computer to search the file and then you get searched files.

  • F4

If you want to move any file in your computer to another destination then you need to press F4 key and file will be moved.

  • F5

If your computer ever goes slow. Use the F5 key to use refresh option.


  • F10

If you want to use menu bar anytime, then use the F10 key to open the menu bar.

  • Ctrl+c

Sometimes you need to copy something while you doing the writing work or copying any data. For doing that work easily you can press  ctrl + c key to do that easy.

  • Ctrl+x

It helps to cut the selected item.

  • Ctrl+v

If you copy any data into your system that may be a folder or a file. When you cut or copy any data into the system, then you can paste it by pressing ctrl + v option where you want it.

  • Ctrl+z

It helps to Undo an action.

  • Ctrl+b

By using that shortcut key, you can bold your text.

  • Ctrl+u

You can underlined the selected text by using Ctrl+u keys

  • Ctrl+a

You can select whole page text by using Ctrl+a key.

  • Ctrl+esc

If you want to go to the Start menu in your system, then you can go by using Ctrl+esc key.

  • Ctrl+shift+esc

If you want to open Task Manager in your system, then you can use Ctrl+shift+esc key to go to your Task Manager.

  • Ctrl+tab

If you want to open existing used tab in your browser, then you need to useCtrl+tab to get your tab open.

  • Delete

If you need to delete any files or folders then you can delete any file or folder by using this key.

  • Home

By pressing this key you will be able to start whatever work you are doing in your system.

  • Alt+f4

If you have to close any program in your system then you will have to press both keys together in your system for and your program will be off.

  • Alt+tab

If you want to see all the programs together in your system, use these keys

  • Window+l

You can use this option to lock your computer directly.

  • Window+f

With this you can search any file or folder.

  • Window+r

Use it to open run in your computer.

  • Window+m

Use these keys to minimize all the system’s running programs.

  • Window+shift+m

With this you can restore the minimize window.

  • Ctrl+n

To open a new tab in your system.

  • Ctrl+f

To Search Anything.

  • Ctrl+s

To save any files in your system.

  • Ctrl+p

To print in your system.

  • Window+prtscr

To get the screenshot in system.

  • Ctrl+

To get zoom in the system.

  • Ctrl-

This allows you to zoom out zoomed content.

Hopefully, you have come to know the basic list of keyboard’s shortcuts key.


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