Top 6 Tools and Apps Students Can’t Do Without

Whether you are in school or college, your studies must occupy nearly 100% of your effort and time. That’s natural. Studying has never been easy. But the truth is that if your studies still feel unbearable, chances are that you are just working harder, not smarter.

These days, you have a wide selection of tools at your disposal, many of which are meant to make your studies simpler. Below we listed some of the best ones!

  1. EssayService (H2)

The first thing that will definitely come in handy for students is This web-based app is meant to make your life in school simple! Starting from only $10.8 per page, EssayService can undertake all your assignments of any type and for any subject. The service employs a huge pool of qualified native-speaking writers with MA and Ph.D. degrees in different areas. They offer editing, writing, and rewriting services for all academic levels.

With a tool like this, studying is no longer a challenge. Whenever you lack the time or feel exhausted from schoolwork, all you need is to get on EssayService, and professionals will do the hard and boring work for you.

  1. EssayReviews (H2)

According to survey data, 56% of young people find homework to be their primary source of stress. Thus, it shouldn’t surprise you that the second must-have web app for students is

This web-based tool is created to help you find the best and most trustworthy academic helpers. Here, you can find unbiased reviews about EssayService, PaperWriter, and many other well-known essay-writing services. Moreover, this app also helps you save money. You can easily get an EssayService or PaperWriter promo code by EssayReviews and cut down the cost of your professionally-written assignments.

  1. Wolfram Alpha (H2)

While homework help services will come in handy to all students, regardless of their majors, the next one is meant specifically for students in STEM fields. Wolfram Alpha is another great tool for dealing with your homework quickly and easily.

It is a computational search engine that was designed to reply to complex questions. With its help, you can get accurate solutions to complex math and science questions in seconds. Also, it can answer a variety of questions on society, culture, technology, and more. It can become an indispensable assistant in your studies!

  1. Trello (H2)

The lack of organizational and time management skills are often the two things that keep young people back from success in school. Indeed, when you have so much on your plate, it can be very hard to keep up with everything. And that’s what the next app is meant for.

Trello is a trending project management app. It can be used both from the browser or installed on your devices for use on the go. It lets you create relevant boards and organize all your tasks and course projects in a visual way. It also lets you set a due date for every task and receive reminders when it’s getting closer. It is great for group projects or for keeping track of your own tasks and deadlines.

  1. Google Drive (H2)

Now that students have to do most of their assignments digitally, a smart file creation and storage solution is a must. Of course, you could use more conventional tools like MS Office to do your homework. However, Google Drive can become a much wiser solution.

In a nutshell, Google Drive is a cloud storage platform that allows you to store, share, and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. However, similarly to MS Office, it also includes a set of productivity and document management tools like Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. That is, it allows you to create and store your files in one place. And it’s free of charge, unlike MS Word.

  1. Grammarly (H2)

Although using the best research paper writing services is a smart solution for writing tasks, sometimes, you still need to handle some writing on your own. Whenever you write another essay, work on short-answer questions, or just compose an email to one of your teachers, grammar is always crucial. Improper grammar and punctuation in your writing can indicate your negligence and take off your score points. That’s why Grammarly is one more must-have tool for students.

We bet you’ve heard about it. Grammarly is an app that helps you write better without a hassle. It runs through your text to detect any grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. It also provides suggestions for improving the voice, style, word choice, and many other aspects of your writing. You can write essays right inside this app or install it as an extension for your browser. In any case, Grammarly will ensure that you never make mistakes again!

The Bottom Line (H2)

Each of the tools on this list is meant to improve students’ lives and streamline their daily tasks. From EssayService to Grammarly—these apps all must be present in a toolkit of a modern student.

So if you want to ease the load and achieve academic excellence, equip yourself with these tools right now!

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