Top 5 protein shaker bottles for gym under 500rs

If you’re seeking for “Top 5 protein shaker bottles for gym under 500rs” Then here we done this work for you. If you want a superb bottle for your protein shake, you should know that there are some exciting styles available, which offer the perfect blend of form and function. Today, we’d like to share some information about these bottles and all that they have offer.

Top 5 protein shaker bottles for gym under 500rs
Top 5 protein shaker bottles for gym under 500rs

Once you’ve discovered the Top 5 protein shaker bottles for your gym workout under 500rs, it will be time to choose your favorite. Some people buy more than one as they can be useful in different situations. So, let’s find out below our 10 best handpicked collection of protein shaker bottle for gym.

Top 10 protein shaker bottles for gym under 500rs

IShake Hercules Shaker Bottle 700 ml provides advanced anti leak technology, scientifically designed strainer eliminating powder lumps BPA free, 100 percent leak proof and highly durable. As it recommended for mixing protein drinks at gyms or for energy drinks for outdoor sports. Plastic material is used to made this bottle. 

Price – rs 255

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  • Ishake Model 020 Shaker Bottle 500 ml

Ishake Model 020 Shaker Bottle 500 ml is Unisex , Youth , Plastic, Shaker Bottle , 8X3 Inches ,500 ml , 1Pc. Advanced Anti Leak Technology, Scientifically Designed Strainer Eliminating Powder Lumps BPA Free, 100 Percent Leak Proof And Highly Durable. Height 8 Inches Diameter 3 Inches Volume 500 ml. It is recommended For Mixing Protein Drinks At Gyms Or For Energy Drinks For Outdoor Sports.

Price – 314 rs

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IShake Kool Sprint Shaker Bottle 700 ml is ideal for Gymming, Sports, Aerobics. It is Unisex, Youth, Plastic, Shaker Bottle,10X3 Inches, 600 Ml,1Pc, black green. Moreover, IShake Kool Sprint Shaker Bottle 700 ml is BPA free.

Price – 399rs

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IShake Tabster Plastic Sports Shaker Bottle also ideal for gym and sports. this shaker bottle is microwave safe, Leak proof, sturdy unbreakable, food grade BPA free. It is made up of Plastic. 

Price – 299rs

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Tired of furiously shaking your protein bottle only to have a healthier drink, then we are one stop solution providing Strauss Blender Shaker Bottle which will give that first well deserved drink and unmixed lump of powder in your mouth. The mixer bottle is perfect for Protein shakes, smoothies, Pancakes batter and more. The extensive high quality shaker is very easy to mix without effort allows athletes to focus on their workouts. The leak proof seals and secure flip top lid ensures for confident transport this amazing tool with you anywhere.

It has Patented Fix Ball wire whisk which easily whips around inside the bottle, mixing your drinks to a smooth consistency, every time as you shake. One can carry this amazing product as water bottle and shaker. The premium Blender Shaker Bottle is assembled as 3 in 1 mixing bottle that store everything you need for pre-workout and post-workout enhancement. Apart from these, it also provides the quality of the patented loop top and ergonomic flip cap so Flip up the lid of the mixer and enjoy the smoothest shake you ever tasted.

Strauss Blender Bottle 760 ml Shaker, Sipper

Price – 330rs

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Now you know  Top 5 protein shaker bottles for gym under 500rs, you’ll be ready to choose the one (or two) that you prefer. Once you’ve received your new bottle, you’ll find it so easy to mix and consume your protein powder, avoiding the mess, leaks and clumps that can happen with other types of shakers.

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