Top 10 PCB Design Softwares You Should Use in 2019


If you need a new PCB design software then you are in the right place! Here is a PCB design software top 10 which is sure to help you find exactly the software you need.


One of the best designers on the market is Altium. They are used by designers all over the world from major corporations to private individuals. There is both a free and a paid-for option, depending on your needs as a designer.


PADS is another brand which is incredibly widely used both on a private and professional level. It has a reputation of being very easy to learn how to use, and very easy to then manage no matter how much experience you have.


This software is very well-established and is very scalable and flexible. You will be in full control of your design at all times and you will also have no problems scaling the requirements up or down depending on the design.


If you are looking for a good, well-rounded software which can handle anything you throw at it, you should consider Allegro. It is often cited as the industry standard and a good example of what a PCB designer should be.


The Easily Applicable Graphical Layout Editor is often touted as a more affordable alternative to Altium. It has a very clear user interface and a strong schematic function, in addition to many other handy features to help make designing that little bit easier.


The first free software on our list, KiCad can be used with both Windows and Linux. It is intuitive and simple to use, in addition to containing many of the features which other more expensive brands use.


DesignSpark is another popular tool which has a wide audience from students to professionals. Not only is it also free, you can even view your designs in 3D to make sure that they are going to work well.


If you need a tool which is easy to use and can rapidly prototype the designs, you should check out ExpressPCB. It also comes with a community component library so you can look through even more components than what is initially included.


While it might be one of the more basic offerings on the market, it comes with an extensive library of components. You can also use it to check circuit flaws and use it in conjunction with other designers, making it perfect as a stage in your design.


If you use a Mac for your design processes, you need to get your hands on Osmond. It has one of the best flexibilities on the market and allows you to create whatever boards you need, regardless of their size, shape, or layer numbers.

What do you need from your PCB design software? Anyone of these ten could be the right fit for you. Check out some of them now and see if they are the right fit for you and your needs.

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