To What Does Tiktok Owe To Its Success? 

The answer is very simple, the app TikTok started its journey in 2017 and has become a big success in the platform of mass consumption that has taken the population with a grasping storm. 

Tiktok has become one of those availing platforms where people, in three seconds, 15 seconds or one whole minute has come together to show their creativity under a piece of dialogue or a clip of music, whatever they desire. That is why TikTok has become one of the most driving forces of the app among the masses. 

It is one of the most used seventh popular media platforms with 800million active users. Most of them are hailing from the Indian subcontinent. The parent company that has originated this specific platform is a company by tendance. This particular company, however, brought another app named which had been giving serious competition to the consumption and economic market of TikTok for a long time. By buying the app in 2018, which brought 100million users to the TikTok interface only increased the reach of the app in a huge number. 

The flexibility of the app by which we mean the sharing of the content made in TikTok over WhatsApp, Facebook, and other platforms has turned into a phenomenon where people come together to show their artistic austerity. The lip-synching system that helps the audience to match a step along with the song has garnered and gained many TikTok influences. Unlike many other social platforms where there is an age bar limit, here it is not mandatory. 

Of course, the app has its own terms and conditions and the violation of such terms would have serious consequences, however, those who share carrying out the norms would be rewarded with viewership and love of the users. The app that started its journey from China in 2016, known as Douyin, has become a major earning spot for those who have reached the optimum viewers, views, and likes. 

To What Does Tiktok Owe To Its Success 

It has been downloaded by more than 140 million downloads on iOS devices and more than 650 million downloads on Android devices surpassing more than 800 million users all over the world. 

The user of TikTok which is influenced by the popular consumption of such celebrity such as Britney Spears, Disha Patani, Jacqueline Fernandez and Shahid Kapoor, Ariana grande, Dwayne the rock Johnson, Shilpa Shetty along with some other soap opera actors and actresses has garnered not only viewership but also has influenced people to follow in their footstep achieving more reach for the app. 

So the app has its own set of regulations so that no one puts any discriminatory content, making it an anti-bullying app makes it safer for the users. That is why along with the influence, the security that it provides and its susceptible usage method has turned it into a platform for the masses. An app that is regulated by pop culture. So what does tiktok owe its success to? Well, judge yourself on the charts you have been provided.

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