Why Spotify Can’t Play The Current Track On Your Device

One of the advantages of utilizing Spotify to tune in to your preferred music is it is accessible on practically all stages. In any case, similar to any product, here and there you run into issues where it isn’t working right. A day or two ago I was utilizing Spotify on my Windows 10 PC and discovered it wouldn’t play any melodies. Truth be told, I would get a mistake: “Can’t Play the Current Song” (demonstrated as follows) at the highest point of the application. Here is my nerdy investigating experience that prompted fixing it.

Approaches to tackle the issue of Spotify can’t play the current song

Spotify Can't Play The Current Track
Spotify Can’t Play The Current Track

Here beneath are not many of the working answers for these issues as detailed by individuals on various online discussions. Continue attempting them individually and see which one works for you.

1. Restart your PC

This ought to be your first game-plan. Close the entirety of your applications and make sure to spare every one of your information and afterward restart. It doesn’t make a difference if you are utilizing windows or macintosh, have a go at restarting and Spotify should begin working easily once more. Lion’s share clients guarantee that a straightforward restart tackled their concern.

2. Reinstall Spotify

Presently if restarting didn’t help, at that point you should have a go at reinstalling Spotify again on your machine. To begin with, uninstall Spotify and if you are on Windows, at that point away from information of this envelope C:\Users\{Your Username}\AppData\Local\Spotify\. Your username is the thing that you use to sign into Windows. On the other hand, you can utilize a temp record cleaner like Wise Care 365 or follow this manual for clear reserve and temp document on Mac. After you have cleared all the temp documents and reserve of Spotify, restart your framework by and by and afterward have a go at introducing Spotify. Check whether this technique works out for you or not.

3. Turn off top notch spilling

Spotify Can't Play The Current Track
Spotify Can’t Play The Current Track

Spotify offers its top notch plan clients the choice to stream top notch music. Be that as it may, what happens when you change to the promotion bolstered free arrangement? If you despite everything have the music quality setting set to excellent, at that point it won’t have the option to play any music. Go to your settings and change it. Likewise if you are attempting to play the music that you had downloaded while you were on a paid arrangement, tragically, you can’t play that music disconnected any longer in the advertisement bolstered plan. Spilling disconnected element is accessible for the Premium arrangement clients.

4. Open your Spotify account settings to see if Spotify won’t go online

Discover the setting for Music Quality and change to whatever else other than High-Quality, as that choice is accessible for premium arrangement clients. Your music should begin playing now. Red more- pimpandhost internet archive Wayback

5. Enable Crossfade

Crossfading in music is an extremely cool strategy to make a smooth progress when changing starting with one melody then onto the next. Since you are encountering issues with music playback, give turning this alternative a shot/off and check whether it works or not. Open up your record settings and afterward look down and click on show propelled settings.

Spotify Can't Play The Current Track
Spotify Can’t Play The Current Track

At that point under the playback area, empower the crossfade choice in the event that it is handicapped for you; at that point set the opportunity to 0 seconds. In the event that it was at that point turned on, at that point turn it off and afterward restart Spotify and have a go at playing music.

6. Make sure you have enough space and memory on your gadget

Ensure that there is adequate stockpiling accessible on your gadget. In the event that you are on a work area or Mac workstation makes a point to clear impermanent documents to free up space. If you are confronting the ‘can’t play current song’in your cell phone, at that point clear space in your inside stockpiling. Spotify suggests at any rate 1 GB of free space for smooth working. Additionally, ensure your gadget has enough free space in its memory for Spotify to appropriately work. For cell phones, Spotify suggests at any rate 250mb of clear space for it to work appropriately. Read more- Best iphone storage cleaning apps for 2020

7. Log out from Spotify if Spotify won’t open windows 10

Ensure that you are utilizing the most recent rendition of the Spotify application, if not download the most recent form from the official site and introduce it. Likewise, log out from the Spotify application once and afterward sign in again to check whether your Spotify can’t play mistake is unraveled or not. It ought to have been settled at this point.

8. Re-sync Spotify account

Spotify can't play the current track
Spotify can’t play the current track

In the event that you have not been online for quite a while, in the event that over 30 days, at that point go on the web and re-sync your Spotify account. Since you have not been online for such a long time, you more likely than not been tuning in to just your disconnected downloaded melodies, Spotify requires going on the web once at regular intervals to re-sync your record. So, if you have not been online for more than that, at that point you won’t have the option to play any of your disconnected downloaded melodies.

9. Connect to the best possible playing gadget if Spotify won’t play

Spotify permits its clients to control the music playing on different gadgets from another gadget in a perfect world, their telephone gave that both of the gadgets are utilizing the equivalent Spotify account. Next to your melody control choices, you will see the gadgets accessible choice, where you can see the gadgets which are as of now online with this record marked in and are accessible to stream music to.


These were a portion of the arrangements that we discovered working out for us for the Spotify can’t play this present tune blunder. Since we such a significant number of gadgets associated with our home systems nowadays, there is space for mistake.

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