Technical Features and Advantages of Secure Site Pro with EV SSL

As the name implies, Secure Site Pro with EV SSL provides one of the most advanced levels of SSL security certificates.

Due to the largely rigorous levels of the authentication process, one has to go through to obtain it, a secure server Pro with an SSL certificate allows you to communicate your organization’s legitimacy loudly and clearly to those in need.

Those who don’t understand web security. Nothing can be more clear than the green color your browser approves for a site.

This certification allows you to present a dynamic trust seal on your site, display your official business name in the address bar, and advertise to your customers that you are using the highest level of encryption and business verification. are using it. are using it.

This gives comfort to web users, consciously and subconsciously, that not only are they protected from their confidential information when transmitting online, but they can also rest easy knowing that they are using an established and recognized online trading platform. are using it. are using it.

Working together reassures visitors that the site they are visiting has been thoroughly tested and real tested.

Why is Secure Site Pro with EV SSL considered the most advanced level of SSL?

Because a secure Site Pro server with an EV SSL certificate uses gated cryptography (SGC) to ensure a very strong level of encryption for all site visitors with non-standard or older operating systems and browsers.

In fact, some non-standard and older browsers and operating systems will not connect to servers with gated cryptography without SSL encryption, even at the strongest encryption level. In addition, a Secure Site Pro with EV SSL comes with a vulnerability assessment tool.

What is a Vulnerability Assessment Tool?

For this let us first understand what is meant by ‘website vulnerability’. Website vulnerabilities are potentially exploitable vulnerabilities in a website that can compromise its security.

Therefore vulnerabilities are potential entry points through which the functionality or data of a website can be damaged, compromised, or manipulated. A typical website/blog can contain hundreds to thousands of potential vulnerabilities.

A vulnerability assessment tool thus helps you identify the most exploitable vulnerabilities on your customers’ websites and take action against them. Some of its features are:

  • An automated weekly scan for vulnerabilities on public-facing Web pages, Web-based applications, server software, and network ports.
  • An actionable report that identifies both critical vulnerabilities that should be investigated promptly and informative items that pose little risk.
  • Option to re-scan your customers’ websites to help confirm that the vulnerabilities have been fixed.

What are the key benefits of Secure Site Pro with EV SSL?

1] As already mentioned, online shoppers recognize the green address bar as a reliable way to verify the identity and security of the site. And only SSL certificates with Extended Validation trigger web browsers to display your organization’s name in the green address bar.

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