How to remove shortcut virus from PC or USB Pendrive

There is a virus called Shortcut virus. This virus is very popular in India, because 80% of computers effected by this virus are Indian computers. This virus spread itself using USB Pendrives, and Media files including hidden malicious files on them. Shortcut virus converts all your computer or pendrive data into shortcuts. these shortcuts are so hard to delte from your device because they reappear once you delete them. So, how to remove shortcut virus from Pendrive or PC ? well! there are many ways to remove shortcut virus from your devices. In this article we are going to cover all the methods to remove this virus from your computer as well as pendrive.

Before You start any process to delete shortcut virus, I would like you to make a backup of your files and create a restore point of your computer. This will help you restore your files and computer in case you get into any trouble.

How to remove Shortcut Virus from pendrive or PC ?

Below we are going to show you some different methods to delete shortcut virus from your computer, We will start with some best methods to delete this virus and end up with some alternative ways to remove shortcut virus.

Method 1: Remove Shortcut Virus with CMD (Command Prompt)

  1. Press Windows button in your computer and Search for CMD, Right click on it & click run as administrator.
  2. Type the latter of drive that you want to remove the shortcut virus from. For example if you want to remove virus from your Pendrive and it’s latter is E:, Type E: and hit enter.
  3. Now type below command and hit enter
    attrib -h -r -s /s /d E:\*.*

    (Replace E: with the latter’s of the drive’s that you want to remove the shortcut virus from).
    How to remove shortcut virus from Pendrive or PC

  4. Above command will unhide all the hidden scripts and malicious files inside your USB or HDD, Delete them.
  5. Once you delete these files, you can also format your pendrive or drive to make sure it is clear properly and has no viruses left.

Method 2: Remove Shortcut Virus from Pendrive with USBFix.

  1. Download USB Fix from this link.
  2. Connect your USB Pendrive or External Hard Disk containing shortcut virus to your Computer.
  3. Open UsbFix and click on Deletion.
  4. Now UsbFix will start the process to remove shortcut virus from your computer.

Method 3: Remove Shortcut virus Directly from Registry

  1. Press Windows+R key at the same time, type regedit.exe on the dialog box and hit Enter.
  2. Goto HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Run. and find out the registry key with name odwcamszas right click on it and click Delete.

Alternative Methods to remove remaining viruses and virus files from your computer

You can run Malwarebyes and Adwcleaner scan to remove any remaining viruses and virus files from computer. These tools not only help you remove shortcut virus but also removes other existing viruses from your computer.

Start Malwarebytes Scan
Start Malwarebytes Scan

That’s it, This is How to remove shortcut virus from pendrive or your Laptop/PC. I hope you have successfully removed shortcut virus from your devices. If you still have any query regarding shortcut virus or getting any difficulty removing it, you can feel free to ask me in the comment section below.

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