PDFBear: A Guide To Extract Pages From PDF

When you have many PDF files stored on your computer or devices, it will take up your storage space. PDF extraction lets users recycle pages of different PDF documents and extract them, forming one new document of separated pages. 

For you to extract pages from a PDF file, you need a reliable tool to do the extracting job for you. PDFBear is for catering pdf services using their tools and other features they developed for users. 

Its functionality is beyond a user’s expectation. Not only do they have tools for extracting pages of PDF, but they also have several options for you to choose from. From converting a file, merging pdf, deleting pages, protecting a file, extracting, and more.

PDFBear Extracting Tool For Users To Utilize

If you want to know how to extract pages from PDF efficiently and only takes seconds of your time, then PDFBear is the right tool. PDFBear is kind enough to show you steps and procedures underneath the option you chose to guide and navigate you throughout the extraction process. 

The extraction process will generate your pdf, removing pages for you. Once you are on the PDFBear’s Interface, you will easily find the option for extracting pages. When you have redirected to the extraction page, upload a pdf file in two ways. 

You can either upload it through selecting a file from your storages by clicking the “Select Files” button. Or you can do it by dragging a document to the box provided by PDFBear for your files.

Importing documents from your cloud storage like Google Drive or the Dropbox storage is made accessible by PDFBear. When you finished uploading your file onto their server, you will be informed to select particular pages of your PDF file on the space provided. 

PDFBear A Guide To Extract Pages From PDF
PDFBear A Guide To Extract Pages From PDF

After inputting the said pages for extraction, PDFBear informs you that your document is generating. It will complete the extraction phase of your Pdf in under a minute. 

Once your output or the extracted pages has completed, PDFBear will show you that your new document in a pdf format is ready for saving or for download. Upon clicking the button for saving, The newly extracted pages in a new separate file will automatically transfer or save to your devices.

What You Can Benefit From Using PDFBear’s Tools 

The most important part of reaching for services that can cater to your extraction needs is to know if you need to install or download programs and software to run properly. Luckily, PDFBear finds it unnecessary to download more plugins to your devices since they can run properly without additional external software.

This extracting tool’s accessibility is outstanding since it is a tool that will give services to people through the internet. With that said, PDFBear fully works online that you can use whenever you want with whatever devices you opt to use. All you need is a trusted browser and an excellent internet connection. 

PDFBear will secure your data without you even asking for it. Converting files is essential especially for work and school purposes. They have developed security services for users to not think about other unauthorized individuals to have full access to their uploaded files. 

PDFBear’s Pro Account Membership Fees 

It is the user’s choice to subscribe to the PDFBear’s subscription fees to access more from their website. Although PDFBear is said to be accessible, you are still limited to features given to pro members of PDFBear services. 

Knowing that PDFBear has a lot to offer even when it’s free, PDFBear can give you more on their Pro Membership offer. For $14.99 of monthly charge or an annual fee of $9.99, you can benefit more from what PDFBear offers than their free services. 

PDFBear ensures that the money you paid for subscribing to their premium features will not be put to waste since they will provide the best outputs than you expect them to. If you don’t like it, PDFBear will allow you to withdraw.


Great performance of tools that will serve you with your pdf needs is an important thing to look at before deciding on using different tools that you see online or offline. Reaching out for the features given by PDFBear will be the best choice you have ever made if you want to extract pages from your pdf instantly and securely.

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