Six Effective Ways To Stop The Error Of IMS Service Has Stopped Pop Up

Many times as it happens you are doing something on your phone, and your IMS has stopped working. It becomes very difficult to have the services to regain its working capability in time.

But why does it happen? What exactly happens that would crash an app? In this article, we will talk about the reason why it happens and discuss ways to stop it.

What is IMS service?

IMS service has stopped
IMS service has stopped

It might seem tough to understand but understanding what IMS service lies inherently in what function it procures. IMS services tend to work toward making the communication services of the phone safe and secure while maintaining a channel that will serve the needs of the android user to send voice clips from one IP address to another very easily.

It is a very reliable source to send such audio messages as the process is very easy. Through these services, you can send any kind of text, be it messages or audio clip using the IMS services without creating any barrier in the communication system.

But only one barrier that seems to be stopping the whole system and that is known as the error code. This popping up of the error code faults the whole functionality of the whole software.

Effective Ways To Stop The Ims Services Error Code From Popping Up Discussion
What is IMS service? IMS service is a platform through which you can text someone using an IP address.
What is the IMS service app? IMS service app is the provider of IMS services.
In which devices these IMS services are available? Almost every device that is functional using android.
Why do we see “unfortunately, IMS service has stopped” on our phones? There are many reasons. For a thorough answer read the article.
How to fix the IMS service has stopped? You can clear the cache, configure setting and many more. Read the article.

What is the IMS service app?

 This is exactly the same thing but in the formation of the software that is more accumulated and easier to use. The functionality of the IMS services app is the same as that of the IMS services and what it does is the same thing too.

It sends any meaning of communicative messages, be it text or any kind of clip, through a secured IP network, securing the message as well as making sure that nothing gets in the wrong hand. It is the most secure system to text someone.

In which devices these IMS services are available?

IMS service has stopped
IMS service has stopped

 Fortunately, IMS services are available in a wide range of Android phones. In other words, in those phones which are generated by Android. However, the problem has been noticed by those who are Samsung users because Samsung users generally use IMS services for communication. The stopping of the services can cause hindrance in the life of Samsung users.

Though there are many reasons why this error code appears, we will discuss it thoroughly and try to help you so that you don’t face the situations again and again.

Why do we see “unfortunately, IMS service has stopped” on our phones?

 There are multiple reasons that could lead us to see the error code. All these reasons are enough to channelize the multiplicity of the reasons to influence such crudeness that would lead to inconvenience on the other side. However, here are the reasons why it happens.

IMS service has stopped
IMS service has stopped
  • One of the most important contributing factors to you is experiencing this error code is caused by caches. As it happens when we buy a new phone, we get so consumed in operating it and using it to its fullest extent that we forget about clearing it of all the junk that has been residing in it for God knows how long.

So all the cache that has been stored up could lead to not only other apps crashing down but also crashing down of the IMS services.

  • Caches can be stocked up in each app separately too. As it happens, all the files that are sent to us during communication are saved in our phone but along with that text, there are many caching systems that are also saved up in the application system which could anchor the application into crashing down.

The cache is saved up separately as well as on the phone. All these caches which if not cleared can cause a problem disrupting the flow of the functionality of the application.

  • Many times as it happens that there are problems that are reoccurring because of one factor that is related to an internet connection. Depending on the geographical area that you are in, it can determine the whole configuration system of the internet.

Depending on the settings of the provider and you’re, there could be a difference leading to inconvenience. The configuration of such a setting, if not changed, could lead to the crashing of the messaging system.

  • Many times the problem is the application. If you do not keep the updated version of the application, it could lead to the crashing of the system. And let me tell you, an app that is not updated will crash more than often.

Because an application that has not been updated for God knows when has the potential of holding so many caches and bugs that needs fixtures. The update system of the app presents many bug fixations. So it is crucial to update the app to rid the crashing system.

  • Many times, you may have extensions of apps that are dedicated to texting. It can happen that this third party app may take over the IMS services and would stop the service from working properly.

This change in the configuration could cause an appearance of error code while using the IMS app to send a message.

How to fix the IMS service has stopped?

 Now that we have discussed what are the potential threats that cause that IMS service to stop. Here we will discuss all the solutions to the problems that would get rid of this error code from occurring.

IMS service has stopped
IMS service has stopped
  1. Software-update: Many times as it happens, software becomes a problem if you do not update them. It could not only pose a problem to the IMS app but also other apps too. It slows down the phone. Here is how to update the software.
  • open the settings.
  • Scroll down and click on “About Phone“.
  • Click on the “Software Updates”
  • select the “Check for Updates” option.
  • Check If there is new software update is available
  • Click on the “Download Now” option if there is an option given.
  • confirm the installation of the update.
  • select “Yes” and the phone will now be restarted after the installation process.

 2. Application update: Many times as it happens that application needs an update too to fix the bugs. Here is an option.

  • Open the Google Play Store application.
  • Click on the menu button on the top left corner of the play store.
  • select the “My Apps & Games” option.
  • Tap on the “Updates” tab
  • select the “Refresh” icon to show which app needs updates.
  • Click on the “Update All” option or you can separately update apps too.
  • Check if the issue is still bothering you. In that case, do the following.

3. Change the message configuration system: Changing message configuration could be helpful too. Here is how to do it. so you have to go to the settings and change the configuration into manual. Making sure that you do it properly. It would cause no problem.

IMS service has stopped
IMS service has stopped
  • Set AT&T:
  • Go to the default messaging application.
  • Click on the menu button that is on the top right corner
  • select “Settings“.
  • Go to the AT&T Messages Backup & Sync” option.
  • Click on the “Disable the Sync” option you will find.
  • Restart the mobile

4. Launching in a safe mode: Launching in safe mode is another one of the safe moves that you can do.

  • Press the power button
  • Select the “Switch OFF” option.
  • Switch on the phone.
  • Hold the “Volume Down” button.
  • “Safe Mode” will show on the screen.
  • Check by typing some tests and see if it happens again.

Remember that the steps to launching the safe mode are different on every phone. This instruction was according to Samsung J5. The instructions are similar but not that tough. You can check other options to launch a safe mode. Also read- Cartooncrazy alternatives

5. Deleting cache: We have already discussed how cache has posed a problem to the messaging system. Deleting cache is of prime importance. Here is how to do that.

IMS service has stopped
IMS service has stopped
  • Tap on the power button
  • select “Switch OFF“.
  • Click on the “Home” button
  • After that click on the “VolumeUP” button simultaneously
  • After that press, the “Power” button while pressing the volume up button.
  • While you see the Samsung logo appearing on the screen of your phone, let go of the “Power” key button.
  • Android logo screen will be shown
  • To release all the keys that you have might be tapping on.
  • The screen will show an option saying “Installing System Update”
  • Click on the “Volume down” key until you see the “Wipe Cache Partition” in the screen pop up.
  • Press the “Power” button
  • After that process, the cache partition should be cleared after that process.
  • When the process of clearing the cache is completed, click on the “Volume Down” button
  • You will be shown an option of “Reboot System Now”.
  • Click on the “Power” key to select that particular option.
  • Once the device is restarted, check by trying to write a message to determine if it is still issuing.

The process is very different in other phones so make sure that you check the instructions very thoroughly. You don’t want any loose ends. It might be different in other devices.


The error could have a huge impact on your phone if you see ” android IMS service has stopped” pop up every time. So what to do? Hopefully, all the things that we have discussed here will be helpful to you so that you don’t face such a problem again. The problem is huge but by following all these you will surely be free of it and this could occur regarding many issues but it is easier to get rid of them if you follow the easy rules.

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