How To Make Kodi In Full Screen In Three Easy Ways?

It is normal to enjoy the movie or show that you are watching on full display. It retains the whole image of the shot and also makes it easier to note things.

Many times as it happens, apps like Kodi do not provide a full-screen view. To affirm that it does not happen every time, we will provide you with three ways in which you can make sure that the Kodi screen is on full display. 

What is Kodi?

A developmental application produced by XMBC so that one can watch and stream various preferences for entertainment purposes. The application is open-ended and can be used by many and that is why it has become one of the most used as well as the most preferred channel to watch any kind of shows, movies among others. 

The technology that is used to operate the application is very advanced but easy to modify. That is why anyone who knows a bit of new technology around the way can effortlessly have the Kodi screen on full display but many have reported that it is tough to get it done. So do not worry if Kodi is not full screen. In this article, you will easily learn how to do it. 

What are the ways to get Kodi windowed mode? 

There are a few ways in which you can surely get this Kodi on windowed mode. It is very easy and will help you retain the whole view so that you enjoy the whole thing beautifully. There are three ways you can operate it easily. 

  • Using the keyboard: doing it via the keyboard is very much easier. If you can do it using the keyboard then it will be only a matter of time before you can get it full-fledged. 
  • Using the app: the application is very easy but if you can have it done using the application then it will be fine too. If you know your way around that then you can easily do it. 
  • Using the setting of the application: via the setting, you can easily do it too. Though it is a bit lengthy and cannot be done manually, it is doable too. 

How to get Kodi on windows 10? 

Using only three methods you can easily get Kodi application full screen. The method is easy and will be written directly here step by step. It is easy to do it in windows 10. It is not as complicated as you might have taken it to be. Let us start. 

  • Via the app: If it is a laptop you are using and the windows are windows 10 then there might be good news for you as you can easily download the Kodi app for your easement. The app is very easy to handle and does not take up more space.

If you were previously using the Kodi 32bit in your windows 10 for entertainment purposes then it is time to uninstall it because the Kodi application will make it easier for you to make it full-fledged as the Kodi app allows the default system of the full screening system whenever installed in any system. Here is how to do it. 

  • First, you have to click on the Microsoft Store icon so that you can download the app. Microsoft Store is the only one available on the Taskbar in Windows 10 for you to download the whole thing. 
    • Go to the search bar and look for Kodi. see the Kodi application icon. 
    • Click on the Kodi app icon. 
    • After the application opens, you will see the option of ‘download’ 
    • Go to the download option and click twice on it so it can be downloaded. 
    • Once the downloading process is done, tap on the Launch button to install the app. 
  • Via keyboard shortcut: If you have downloaded the app, and somehow if the screen is not fully equipped then you can use Kodi keyboard shortcuts to make it full-fledged. There are many keyboard shortcuts that are there in the applications which allow you to operate the task easily without going anywhere. 
  • ALT+Enter.

How To Make Kodi In Full Screen In Three Easy Ways?
How To Make Kodi In Full Screen In Three Easy Ways?

By applying these particular keys you can easily have Kodi application from windowed mode to the full-fledged screen which will allow you to have a well-versed experience. 

Via settings: There is also a third way that will help you to operate and get the application on full screen. The process is very easy so if you see the application on window mode, you have to do the following:

  • First, you have to open the application 
    • Now you have to find the setting option. 
    • After that, click on the Setting icon
    • After you have clicked on it, you will see “System Settings”. 
    • Now select Display tab
    • Now on the right side of the display tab, click on the up and down arrows. 
    • On the left of the ‘Display Mode’ there you will see ‘enable Kodi full-screen mode’ and ‘Windowed mode’.
    • If you see the windowed mode on the left, then it is full screen enabled but if it goes the opposite then you will see the windowed more on the left. 
How To Make Kodi In Full Screen In Three Easy Ways? Discussion 
What is Kodi? Kodi is an application that is used for entertainment purposes.
What are the ways to get Kodi windowed mode? There are three ways in which you can easily have full screening. It is via the installation of apps and many more. For more information, read the above.
How to get Kodi on windows 10? There are three ways in which you can get this task done via the app, system setting, and keyboard shortcut. You will have to read the above for more details.


Hopefully by using all these Kodi full-screen shortcuts methods you will easily get it done. The methods are not tough but very easy to modify. Hope it works. 

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