How To Get Instagram Followers For Your Business

Social media has become an essential part of our integrated model of globalization.

It plays a critical role in consumerism by providing a platform where people can meet each other and convey the news about products. Social media marketing is no longer a negligible facet of marketing.

Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, where a news feed type social media model has been established, lead the way in social media marketing.

You can now reach so many people using these platforms that it’s almost impossible to ignore the marketing potential of your new business through this media.

Perhaps the most engaging social media site right now is Instagram. It is mainly a photo-sharing site with attractive features; it is a lucrative platform for business owners.

Instagram was bought by Facebook in 2012 for 1 billion dollars. Since then, the site went through various changes, such as availability in android and windows platforms, allowing the different size and ratio photos and videos to be uploaded.

The site is becoming more and more popular with its user base. It’s also inflating its user base every day. As a result, Instagram is becoming more and more attractive for business owners.

How To Get Instagram Followers For Your Business
How To Get Instagram Followers For Your Business

The way Instagram maintains connections between users is called the following.

The more followers you have, the more outreach you will have. So businesses on Instagram should focus on getting more followers. They can surely follow certain steps towards it-

Other social media networks where you can promote your IG

Instagram has a very basic interaction platform. If you follow someone, then you get their photos and videos on your feed. But one great thing about Instagram is you can share your posts to other sites, especially Facebook.

As Facebook has ownership over Instagram, they have a particular integration system with IG. You can share your IG posts via Facebook stories. You can share them as your Facebook posts too. This allows you to tap into your Facebook follower base to promote your IG.

Another platform you can use is Twitter. Maybe not as smooth as Facebook, but you can share your Insta posts on Twitter too.

Optimizing your Instagram brand page

Your Instagram brand page is your face to your world. If your purpose is to promote business through it, you need to optimize your IG brand page first.

First, you will need to put on all the vital info about your business. Figure out your marketing slogans and themes. Update the profile picture, bio, and other info. Decorate and caption your posts according to your marketing theme. Update important information, like- email, direction, call, etc.

Another thing to consider- people tend to follow the pages with more popularity. One benchmark for your popularity could be the likes on your posts. You could buy Instagram likes for your posts to boost your popularity.

How you could use hashtags to your aid


How To Get Instagram Followers For Your Business
How To Get Instagram Followers For Your Business

You will have to monitor the hashtags on the platform. Taking notice of the trending hashtags is crucial. This has a resemblance to SEO marketing. Using the most popular hashtags will bring your post in the crosshairs of the users.

Besides, you can check out the relevant hashtags for your business. Monitor what is trending among your target groups. Promoting your product within a certain target group could be your best bet. You could use certain common hashtags to increase the relevance of your product.

One thing to remember while using a hashtag is they have to have relevance to your business. If you use false traction to bring customers, the ruse will not work for long, and people will be disappointed. Here are some popular hashtags trending on IG right now-

  • amazing

  • food

  • life

  • love

  • party

  • instagood

  • art

  • cat

Video content

Instagram’s less used feature is its video posts. Videos can be your best advertising tool when it comes to promoting your business on Instagram. IG allows videos of up to 60 seconds in length to be uploaded.

The first lesson about video length is the shorter you can make it, the better. People have low attention spans, especially when it comes to ads on social media.

The best length for such videos should be 10-25 seconds. Be precise about your product. Use keywords and fewer infographics.

Use high-end setups if you are shooting the video. You could make or buy video content online. One more thing about IG video is you can now go live using your account.

You can promote your business live to customers and answer the questions they may have about it online.

Regular posting

The thing that you have to understand about social media accounts is that regular activity is vital. The more regular you are, the more outreach you will have. If you post too often, then you will have fewer people engaging.

In the beginning, posting every 4-6 hours will get you the initial traction you need. Best to post at least once daily afterward. This will ensure the fact that you have regular contact with your followers.

How To Get Instagram Followers For Your Business
How To Get Instagram Followers For Your Business

How influencers could play a role

Social media influencers nowadays play a big role in motivating or swaying our opinions. Products they promote or mention in their daily posts or vlogs get major traction.

If you want to promote your business, these influencers can play a major role in it.

If you want to use an influencer, you will have to carefully choose them. This will be sort of like hashtags.

You will have to find which influencers hold value to your target group if they are controversial, what kind of products they can offer to promote, and what kind of rate they are asking.

Social media influencers can regularly post for your product and mention your business or use hashtags used by your business campaigns. This way, you can get a lot of followers from their fanbase and easily promote your business.

Promoting your business on Instagram requires some skill and constant vigilance. The work can be tiresome sometimes. But it pays off big time, so it’s worth giving it time.

If you are unable to do it, you can hire a social media manager to do the job for you. In any way, promoting your business on Instagram will open many doors of opportunity for you.

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