How to find valuable link directories


How to find valuable link directories> A great resource for discovering reasonably valuable link directories is Directory Critic, which you can find at The site lists thousands of directories, and you can browse free directories, paid directories, and  niche directories. If there are niche directories available in your line of business, you will certainly want to apply for links. Niche directories tend to carry more authority  than general directories. Directory Critic shows the Page Rank for each listed directory that is helpful in prioritizing your efforts. Paying for directory listings is optional, and isn’t really necessary except for niche directories or exceptional directories with very high Page Rank. I recommend you to read WHY LINKS ARE IMPORTANT? LEARN LINK EQUITY IN DETAIL – SEARCH ENGINE RANKING EQUITY, BOOKMARK EQUITY, DIRECT CITATION EQUITY

How to find valuable link directories
How to find valuable link directories

How to find valuable link directories

For a complete and comprehensive list of thousands of valuable link directories, visit You can quickly browse and sort directories based on whether they are free or paid and by Page Rank.

To apply for a link at a link directory, simply visit the directory and find their submission page and enter your desired title (this will become the anchor text of your link within the directory), URL, and description. You should always submit a full-length description, and craft readable, sensible titles. Remember that a human editor will quickly scan your submission. If your description is poorly written or your title is mindlessly stuffed with keywords, your submission will almost certainly be rejected. Also read to know HOW TO BUILD LINKS BY COMMENTING ON BLOGS AND FORUMS
Because submissions to link directories is a highly repetitive task, you may want to avail yourself of paid submission services. There are thousands of small vendors worldwide that offer paid submission services. Nearly all of these services tout  manual submission, which ostensibly means that a human being is entering the submissions manually one at a time. The problem with this claim is that nearly all of these services use automated or semi-automated software or they could not offer the service at lower prices.

If you go down this route, be careful. Once the submissions are public, they are nearly impossible to retract. Any errors in the submissions are going to be yours to live with for a long time. Certainly, you’ll want to make sure you select and vary the anchor text and descriptions so that you don’t have hundreds or thousands of duplicate links and descriptions across the Internet. The best of these services are going to allow you to submit multiple title tags and multiple descriptions. The human submitters, or submission software, as the case maybe, will vary the titles and descriptions when applying for links.

Link directories are an accepted and sound method of link building for most sites. Just understand that link directories offer low-value links. The trade-off is that such links are very easy to obtain.


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