How To Block Ads On Hulu: Step-By-Step Guide

Two simple ways how to block ads on Hulu: 

Go to the Chrome Web Store and look for the Hulu advert pattern. Then, after reading the reviews, choose the applications with the highest ratings. After that, download the programs that have received the most praise.

After successfully installing the extension, go to and log in using your Hulu ID. Then launch any program you’ve saved to your computer. The plugin may automatically recognize advertisements, skip them, and block them.

This article will show you more ways how to block ads on Hulu so you can enjoy your favorite shows and movies without interruption. We’ll cover the best ad blockers for Hulu and how to use them to stop ads from appearing in your video streams. With these tools, you’ll be able to watch Hulu ad-free and get back to enjoying your favorite content.

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Things You Should Know

1. Install an Ad Blocker: One of the most effective ways to block ads on Hulu is to install an ad blocker. Ad blockers can be installed on your computer, tablet, or mobile device, blocking ads from appearing when you watch Hulu. 

2. Use an Ad-Free Version of Hulu: If you don’t want to install an ad blocker, you can also use an ad-free version of Hulu. Hulu offers an ad-free streaming service that eliminates all ads from appearing.

3. Use a VPN: A virtual private network (VPN) can also block ads on Hulu. VPNs encrypt your internet traffic, which is a great way to protect your privacy while blocking ads.

4. Disable JavaScript: Disabling JavaScript is another way to block ads on Hulu. JavaScript enables ads on Hulu, so disabling it will prevent ads from showing up.

5. Use an Ad Blocking Browser Extension: You can also install an ad-blocking browser extension, such as Adblock Plus or uBlock Origin, to block ads on Hulu. These extensions will block ads from appearing when you watch Hulu.

How To Block Ads On Hulu – All Available Methods 

Five Life-Changing Hulu Ad-Blocking Methods:

AdBlock Plus

Use a browser plugin to fix Hulu advertising first. Browser plugin Adblock Plus blocks ads. Adblock Plus hides ads with a blank screen. AdBlock Plus is a fantastic option if you are okay with a blank screen on your computer or phone.

Adblock Plus blocks Hulu advertising well. This plugin may not play certain movies or videos. Disable the plugin briefly if this happens. Thus, your favorite program may still have advertising.


If your phone is your life, you probably watch movies on it. It is practical, gives you more ad-blocking options, and smartphone applications remove Hulu advertisements. Hulu advertisements may be blocked by the Android app Blokada.

Install Blokada to use its capabilities. Tap Blacklist in the downloaded software. Tap Goodbye advertisements to disable Hulu adverts immediately. Not all advertising function nicely with Blokada. Ad Block Plus users will find this program easy to use.

Enounce MySpeed

The software also blocks Hulu advertisements. Enounce MySpeed may block Hulu advertising, and the program accelerates ads, not blocks them. If you can’t stop it, rush it. Enounce MySpeed speeds up Hulu advertisements, saving you time.

There is no free lunch, and this robust software costs $29.99. Get a 7-day free trial and decide whether it works. This program lets you avoid commercials, surprising you. After buying the app, you may watch your favorite show uninterrupted.


Need something practical? This solution eliminates Hulu advertisements without plugins or apps. Refreshing the program page shortens ads. The procedure does not eliminate advertisements. It reduces length.

Hulu commercials vary by video length. The likelihood of commercials is 4 minutes, which might be annoying when watching a movie or video. Refreshing the page skips ads.

Skip Double-Tabs.

You may need help finding this. Watching the same video in two tabs eliminates Hulu advertisements. Open two Hulu tabs. Mute the second tab and skip to the first ad (it usually comes in a different color on the stream bar). Watch your movie on the first tab. Mute the first tab ad and switch to the second.

Watch from where you were interrupted. This method can bypass Hulu advertising. You may be viewing from where the adverts ended on the second tab.

Go Premium

Finally, Hulu Premium may prevent advertising. The premium version removes add popups when viewing movies. This version also offers several customization services.

Hulu Premium starts at $11.99/month. The premium edition eliminates lengthy Hulu adverts, making it worth the investment. Only call yourself a TV program superfan with this Hulu premium version.


Without advertisements, watching movies and TV programs is much better. BlockZilla enhances Hulu watching. Blackzilla lets you view movies and TV programs without interruption.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.Does Hulu Allow AdBlock?

Ans. When using, you may “Pause AdBlock” to hear ads. If you want to disable AdBlock temporarily, click the symbol and choose Pause AdBlock.

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Q2. Is Hulu No Longer Ad-free?

Ans. Yes! Hulu (With Ads) costs $7.99/month without Live TV. Live TV Only is $68.99/month.

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Q3. Why Hulu Has So Many Ads?

Ans. Hulu has so many ads because it is a free streaming service. Ads are the primary way Hulu can make money to keep the service running.

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