Digital marketing services offered by First Page Digital

Businesses in Singapore are increasingly using digital marketing for generating leads and orders. Hence businesses are interested in hiring the right digital marketing agency for promoting their business online.

While they may be only interested in one service initially if they are happy with the results they may want to hire the agency for other online marketing services. is one of the most reputed digital agencies in Singapore.

While it is extremely popular for its search engine optimization(SEO) services, many businesses would like to find out what comprises the services of first page digital Singapore.

Numerous organizations have rated as the top SEO agency in Singapore. It is one of the few SEO agencies which guarantees that the website of its client will be ranked on the first page of search engines within ninety days of hiring its services.

Digital marketing services offered by First Page Digital

The agency is so confident that their clients will get the desired results, that it will work for free if the results are not achieved within the 90 day period promised, till the search ranking is improved.

The business will only have to specify the keywords for which the ranking has to be improved and the experts at the agency will do the required SEO to improve the website ranking.

While SEO is very effective in the long term for increasing visitors, leads for a business, it will usually take some time to get the desired results, typically three months. If a business wishes to get targeted visitors, Google adwords pay per click (PPC) advertising is the easiest way to get new leads. will use its expertise in PPC advertising to get new leads for the business in a cost-effective way, typically clients make $3 for every $1 which they spend on PPC using Google Adwords.

The agency can also manage display advertising on the Google display advertising network, which is used for companies interested in branding.

Facebook is one of the most popular websites in the world, and most users are checking their facebook account at least eight times in a day. Facebook advertising can be a very cost effective way for a business to generate leads, especially if it is selling consumer products.

Instagram is another extremely popular website owned by Facebook with a large number of users who are likely to purchase products advertised. can manage Facebook and Instagram advertising for businesses of all sizes, monitoring the Return on Investment (ROI) for the business closely, and modifying the advertisements accordingly.


Linkedin is a professional networking website, which is popular among business owners. It is ideal for selling business-related products and services. Similarly, WeChat is a popular application with more than 900 million users daily, mainly in China. can manage Linkedin and Wechat advertising for its clients. Most clients will check the reviews of a business before they purchase their products or services, so also offers reputation management services for businesses of all sizes.

The agency also provides premium content writing for business, which will highlight the business, its services or products and build trust.

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