crunchyroll black screen on chrome

This display issue has been observed on Crunchyroll when both a pop-up blocker and an adblocker are active on the user’s web browser.

These software applications will prevent the application from connecting to the internet.

Did you know that Crunchyroll occasionally blocks older browsers from accessing their website? If you do not ensure that yours is up-to-date, this could cause your blank screen.

This guide has been created to help you comprehend why Crunchyroll has a black screen and provide you with simple and direct solutions to fix this image issue so you can return to watching your favorite Anime shows.

Why Am I Getting A Black Screen On Crunchyroll?

crunchyroll black screen on chrome

If a pop-up blocker application is enabled on your device, Crunchyroll will display a black screen.

Pop-up blockers have been known to prevent Crunchyroll from opening when accessed through a web browser.

This software prevents pop-ups from appearing when the app is active; nonetheless, it can occasionally conflict with the Crunchyroll app.

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Ad-blocking browser add-ons have the same effect as pop-up blockers. Additional reasons for a Black screen on Crunchyroll include:

Problem With Browser Performance

The browser you use to access your Crunchyroll profile may cause the Black screen issue. Active Firefox and Chrome users have verified that their browser was responsible for the display problem.

Crunchyroll will restrict access to their website from obsolete browsers. If you are still using an older version, this could cause a blank screen error.

Erroneous Cache Files

The cache files downloaded to your device each time you access Crunchyroll could be corrupt or excessively populated. If this information is incorrect, the app will run poorly when you launch it.

Episode Format

Occasionally, Crunchyroll may upload an episode or movie with the incorrect format. When this occurs, the video will not be playable.

Device Problem

If you see the Crunchyroll Black screen after logging in or pressing play on a video, it may be because of your device to access the app.

If the Crunchyroll server is having difficulty, your app may be unable to load certain features and operate normally. The server may be offline due to routine maintenance or an unplanned outage.

When this occurs, you will be unable to solve the technical fault, but you will be able to monitor the status of the Crunchyroll service.

How To Fix Crunchyroll Black Screen

Verify Internet Connection And Server Availability

Before making modifications to the operating system, it is advisable to verify that your internet connection and Crunchyroll’s servers are running properly.

Using a public Wi-Fi connection resulted in several instances in which Crunchyroll users could not access the site and saw black screen issues while streaming.

You can try subscribing to a different Internet connection to determine whether this resolves the issue; these networks have firewalls and other limitations.

Turning Off The Ad Blocker

Ad blockers are famous among Crunchyroll users since they deliver a “premium” experience after blocking those annoying advertisements.

When watching videos on Crunchyroll, you may have encountered many advertisements.

However, even if you’re using the most up-to-date and sophisticated ad blocker, it may still interfere with the platform and stop the video from playing. This unquestionably causes the Crunchyroll dark screen issue.

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Unfortunately, the majority of Chrome users utilize ad-blocking software due to its benefits.

If you additionally employ an Adblocker, you must disable it. In Chrome, enter chrome:/extensions in the address box and press Enter to view the installed browser extensions.

Below the extension’s name, a blue toggle will be displayed. Toggle this to disable the plugin immediately.

If you do so, the extension cannot modify your user interface. Restart your browser to determine if you can stream videos.

Try removing each extension individually to determine whether this resolves the black screen issue when streaming Crunchyroll (involving any add-ons for video players).

This could be beneficial for determining whether a particular program is at fault.

Remove Any Anti-Virus And Firewall Software

However, even though anti-virus software is intended to protect you, some acceptable websites may get flagged as dangerous.

False positives is the term used to describe this phenomenon. When attempting to play clips from third-party sites such as Crunchyroll, these annoying black screen difficulties frequently arise.

Therefore, you should disable your anti-virus program to determine whether the issue persists.

After restarting your computer and disabling your anti-virus, you can retry streaming your favorite anime films.

If disabling the anti-virus does not cure the problem, you may choose to uninstall and reinstall it.

Clear Browsing Data

Crunchyroll retrieves and stores the settings and browsing histories of its users, just like any other application.

In several instances, browsing data was corrupted, and the page was unable to load correctly due to corrupt loading data. We will attempt to resolve the issue by deleting your browsing history.

Note that using this method will clear your browsing history, cache, and passwords. Ensure you have a backup of all your data before implementing this solution.

We have provided methods for clearing Google Chrome’s browsing history. Other browsers may offer a range of deletion options.

  • Click the three dots in the window’s upper right corner.
  • Now, select Settings from the menu.
  • On the tab on the left, choose Privacy and Security.
  • Now select the checkboxes for Cookies and other site data, as well as Cache images and files.
  • To conclude, click Clear data.
  • Now reboot your browser and open Crunchyroll to determine whether the issue with the black screen has been resolved.

Try Other Websites For Crunchyroll

Although Crunchyroll is one of the top places to watch anime films, you can still watch the best anime films.

If the black screen issue is still unresolved, you need to choose from the list of the top websites to watch anime films and take action.

However, if you are a premium customer of Crunchyroll, the most recent fix will be of great assistance.

Contact Support

If none of the above alternatives work, there is likely a problem with your cloud-based account information or Crunchyroll’s backend.

Pro Tip: To circumvent this difficulty, you can use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to conceal your browser’s location. This eliminates any restrictions related to your area.

Why Can’t I Share My Crunchyroll Screen?

Numerous people who browse Crunchyroll through Discord cannot screen share the application from their Discord profile. When they play a video, they will only see a black screen.

This issue is caused by configuring your browser’s hardware acceleration option. You must disable this setting if you wish to fix the screen sharing issue in Discord when streaming from Crunchyroll.

To easily disable hardware acceleration in the Chrome browser;

  • Launch Chrome > Input ‘chrome:/settings/?search=hardware’ in the search bar > Disable the “Use hardware acceleration where available” option.
  • After turning this off, restart your device and launch Crunchyroll from your Discord account.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is Crunchyroll only showing a black screen?

The home screen of the Crunchyroll beta, which contains sections for manga and search, is currently obscured by a black background.

Several other posters have stated that a pop-up blocker was responsible for this issue.

2. How do I get rid of the black screen on Crunchyroll?

You might try emptying the cache and temporary internet files from your web browser to see if it helps.

I probably should include a status note here. I’ve tried everything listed above. Changing browsers and clearing browser and flash player caches.

3. How do I fix Crunchyroll on Chrome?

Uninstalling and reinstalling Chrome is one of the simplest methods to attempt. If necessary, ensure that you have a backup of your bookmarks and extensions.

Ensure that you erase all Chrome data before uninstalling. Before you add your extension to your browser or make any other changes, you should watch some movies on CR and then add them back.

4. Why is Crunchyroll not working on the browser?

Uninstalling and reinstalling Chrome is one of the simplest methods to attempt. If necessary, ensure that you have a backup of your bookmarks and extensions.

Ensure that you erase all Chrome data before uninstalling. Before you add your extension to your browser or make any other changes, you should watch some movies on CR and then add them back.

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